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  • Bamboo Office Chair...

    Bamboo Office Chair Mats

  • Superior Universal...

    Superior Universal Rug Pad

  • Dirt Stopper Striped...

    Dirt Stopper Striped Mats

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  • Carpet & Floor...

    Carpet & Floor Protector

  • Peel and Stick Floor...

    Peel and Stick Floor Tiles-Set of 10

  • Forever Glides

    Forever Glides

  • Wood Furniture...

    Wood Furniture Glides-20 Pack

  • Bronze Star Boot...

    Bronze Star Boot Tray

  • Maintenance Floor...

    Maintenance Floor Mats

  • Dirt Stopper...

    Dirt Stopper Doormats

  • Dirt Stopper Supreme...

    Dirt Stopper Supreme Floor Mats

  • All-purpose Boot...

    All-purpose Boot Trays with Removable Inserts

  • Comfort Grip Rug Pad

    Comfort Grip Rug Pad

  • Forever Glides Metal...

    Forever Glides Metal Furniture Glides

  • Outdoor Grip Rug...

    Outdoor Grip Rug Pads

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  • Universal Rug Pad

    Universal Rug Pad

  • Thick Carpet/Hard...

    Thick Carpet/Hard Floor Bamboo Chair Mats

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  • Double-Sided Rug...

    Double-Sided Rug Tape

Floor Protectors

Your floors take a pounding, day in and day out. Protect your hardwood, carpet, or tile against shoes, paws, boots, and furniture with the right floor protectors for your needs. Area rugs benefit from having non-slip rug pads beneath them, both to keep the rug safely in place and to protect the carpet or floor below. Use furniture glides to protect floors from scratches, scuff marks, and tears. (Bonus: placing glides on the bottoms of table legs, chair legs, and other furniture also makes them easier to move!) For stair treads and rug runners, mesh roll is often the best choice, since you can unroll this carpet protector and cut it to the exact length you need.

If you have wood floors and don't use a rug under your furniture, recliner feet floor protectors prevent wood scratches when you shift your chair to face a different area of the living room. And don't let outdoor furniture damage your deck or patio when moved about. Metal furniture glides correct wobbling chairs from unbalanced furniture legs and prevent wood scratches. Even your laundry room can benefit from floor protectors. An adjustable roller for your washing machine lets you easily move that heavy washer to clean behind and underneath.

We have a variety of floor protectors to choose from so you can protect your floors from wear and tear in any room of the house.

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