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Knee & Leg Pillows

Whenever you want to take a nap or scroll through the pages of a book on your tablet, you may want to have extra support. Look no further than our knee and leg pillows! If you want to recline comfortably without using a bunch of pillows, check the BedLounge™ & LegLounger™ Pillows. Made in the USA and ergonomically designed by Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D., this lounging pillow was designed to make lounging and sleeping sitting up effortless and enjoyable. It has built-in self-inflating air lifters that let you control the firmness and softness. Removable washable cotton covers are available so you can easily change out the look of your pillow. Finally, you may also like an adjustable leg rest pillow that can support your legs and make taking a nap or sleeping in bed more comfortable. You can add or remove inserts to help relieve your lower back and leg pain.
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