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  • Waterproof Car Throw

    Waterproof Car Throw

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Senior dogs need special care, and at Improvements, we have everything you need to care for your senior dog's needs.

Older dogs or dogs who have trouble getting in and out of vehicles or just getting around can benefit from a dog lift. A pet lifting aid is a clever set of straps that cradle your dog's front and/or back sections, making it possible for a person to lift him. Customize the fit and help your dog onto furniture, into the car, or up stairs. Because older dogs can have joint issues, we offer orthopedic pet beds for older pets, as well as orthopedic crate mats. The specially designed dog bed and dog mat have high-density memory foam that provides extra support and comfort for old or infirm joints. We also have a selection of solutions for older dogs who have trouble getting on and off furniture or beds: dog steps and furniture ramps help pets climb up and down without the need to jump. And when you travel, bring along a dog car ramp to help get your elderly dog in and out of a car with ease.

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