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Pet Couch Covers - Stair Treads for Dogs - Improvements Catalog
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  • Harrison Weave...

    Harrison Weave Washable Stair Treads-Set of 4

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  • Rowan Embossed...

    Rowan Embossed Washable Stair Treads-Set of 4

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  • Stella Pet Sofa

    Stella Pet Sofa

  • Deluxe Pet Comfort...

    Deluxe Pet Comfort Furniture Protector

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  • Ultimate MicroPlush...

    Ultimate MicroPlush Furniture Protectors

  • Harrison Weave...

    Harrison Weave Washable Area Rugs

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  • Secure Fit Plush...

    Secure Fit Plush Furniture Protectors

  • Multi-Step Pet...

    Multi-Step Pet Stairs

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  • Stretch Floral...

    Stretch Floral Furniture Slipcover

  • Rowan Embossed...

    Rowan Embossed Washable Area Rugs

    See it in Action!
  • Pet Screen Kit

    Pet Screen Kit

  • Ultimate Suede...

    Ultimate Suede Furniture Covers

  • Personalized Pet...

    Personalized Pet Line Drawings

  • Dog Tails Wall Hook

    Dog Tails Wall Hook

  • Scalloped Pet Ramp

    Scalloped Pet Ramp

  • Carpet & Floor...

    Carpet & Floor Protector

  • Chenille Dining...

    Chenille Dining Chair Seat Covers-Set of 2

  • Plush Waterproof Bed...

    Plush Waterproof Bed Coverlet

  • Saltnets Stair...

    Saltnets Stair Treads & Mat

  • Dirt Stopper...

    Dirt Stopper Doormats

  • Stretch Ogee...

    Stretch Ogee Furniture Slipcover

  • Animal Bluetooth...

    Animal Bluetooth Speaker

  • Paisley Patch...

    Paisley Patch Furniture Protectors

    Internet Only!
  • Chenille Ultimate...

    Chenille Ultimate Furniture Covers



Dogs are endlessly lovable, but their muddy paws and sharp nails are not!

Protect your floors, stairs, and furniture from dog feet and dog hair with pet furniture covers, chair covers, and stair treads made especially for pet households. When your pet comes in the home with muddy paws, that last thing you want him to do is run up (or down) slippery wood steps. Stair treads for dogs are individual mats that are fitted to stair steps, so that dogs leave their mud and dirt on the mats, not on slick steps or on the floors of the house. Not only will the house be cleaner, but the steps themselves will have added grip for increased safety. Dog furniture covers are an easy way to keep upholstery clean in a pet household. Simply put an attractive, durable pet couch cover over the couch (or a chair cover over your chair) and you'll have instant protection against muddy feet and dog hair. These washable furniture covers keep pet hair away from your couch, so your furniture lasts longer. Plus, when guests come over, you can remove the pet furniture covers and have a nice, clean place for company to sit.

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