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Traveling with your dog can be simple and stress-free. At Improvements, you'll find the best pet travel accessories to make your trips easier.

In the car, van, SUV, or truck, dog seat covers protect your upholstery and keep the car clean, even if your dog's paws are wet, sandy, or muddy. Washable dog seat covers are a simple way to relieve the worry over muddy paws! While traveling, a dog car seat or dog car harness keeps your dog safe and secure in the vehicle. Controlling your dog in the car is also a good idea to prevent distractions. If you have an SUV or larger vehicle and you don't want to use a dog car seat, you can install a pet barrier to keep your dog secured in the back and away from the driver. These pet barriers can be tubular or netting depending on your preference. Once you've arrived at your location and you've determined that you're going to have a long walk ahead, a dog stroller is an ideal way to take your older or smaller pet along with you.

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