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    Eucalyptus Sliding Dog Gate

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    Winston Lattice Pet Gates

  • Shelton 2-Panel Pet...

    Shelton 2-Panel Pet Gate

  • Shelton 5-Panel Pet...

    Shelton 5-Panel Pet Gate

  • Shelton 3-Panel Pet...

    Shelton 3-Panel Pet Gate

  • Shelton One Touch...

    Shelton One Touch Dog Gates


Dog gates keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind, especially when you're away.

Dog gates are a great way to block stairs, rooms where your pet is not allowed or to keep your pet contained when you have visitors. Outdoor dog gates are helpful when you want to keep your pet on the deck or porch or if you need to block off an area that could be hazardous. When choosing a dog gate or dog barrier, think about the space you're closing off and the size of your dog. For tall dogs, choose a dog gate that is higher than your dog's head so he's not tempted to try and jump over. If you have more than one dog, consider a pet gate with a walk-thru door – dog gates with doors are ideal if you have a cat in the house, too. Freestanding pet gates can be used as a temporary barrier to block a portion of the house. They're also a good choice for puppy training or if you have visitors. Freestanding dog gates are also good for apartments since they don't screw into the walls. To choose a dog gate, measure the space you want to section off. If you are planning on using a freestanding gate, you can add a couple of inches. The best gate for a high-traffic doorway might be a walk-through dog gate, with a one-hand latch that can be opened even with a load of groceries. Whether you need a wooden dog gate, a wrought iron one, or a dog gate for stairs, we've got a wide assortment of pet gates at Improvements.

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