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Dog crates can be a dog owner's best friend.

From the time your puppy enters your house, the dog crate should become a staple piece of furniture in your home. It begins with crate training your puppy, which not only gives your puppy a sense of stability, but the dog crate should also become his place of shelter. When you leave the home, it's always a good idea to place your dog in his crate it's the ideal way to keep him from chewing on things that shouldn't be in his mouth. Improvements' dog crates come in a variety of styles and sizes. From collapsible, wire dog crates that you can take with you when you travel, to wood or wicker dog crate furniture that will look beautiful sitting next to your sofa or chair and doubles as a side table. As your dog ages, his dog crate will be his safe place to sleep so making it as comfortable is very important. Place a dog crate pad in the bottom of the crate so your pup has a warm, comfortable place to rest. If you're using a wire dog crate, place a dog crate cover over the top to give your dog additional comfort and privacy. And there's no need to take up more room than necessary--small dog crates are the ideal size for smaller breeds. Of course, dog crates are a good choice for indoors, but if you're outside a lot or you have a dog who loves the great outdoors, check out Improvements' selection of outdoor dog houses, too. If you're looking for more information on dog crates, we've put together some comprehensive articles on our blog: see Why Use a Dog Crate for information on why crate training your dog is important; How to Crate Train Your Dog for tips on how to get your puppy to embrace the crate; How to Choose a Dog Crate for ideas on which dog crate will be right for you.

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