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Chicken Coops & Rabbit Hutches

Chicken Coops - Rabbit Hutches - Improvements Catalog
  • ecoFLEX Columbia...

    ecoFLEX Columbia Townhouse Rabbit/Small Animal Hutch

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  • The Stilt House...

    The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

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  • Huntington Rabbit...

    Huntington Rabbit Hutch

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  • Honey Bee City Urban...

    Honey Bee City Urban Beehive

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  • ecoFLEX Fontana...

    ecoFLEX Fontana Chicken Barn & Pen

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  • The Tower Chicken...

    The Tower Chicken Coop

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Improvements is your go-to place for chicken coops and rabbit hutches!

Chickens and rabbits have different housing needs, and the chicken coop or rabbit hutch you choose will be based on your lifestyle and the number of animals you have. A stilt house rabbit hutch or a loft rabbit hutch keeps animals off the ground, which is ideal for colder weather. You may want a wooden or an Eco-FLEX rabbit hutch, made of recycled materials. For small spaces or just a few animals, a simple courtyard rabbit hutch may be best. Chicken coops, too, have a variety of styles, including a silo-styled tower coop and a variety of chicken houses. For urban settings, a smaller chicken coop may be the best choice. All of our chicken coops and rabbit hutches are specifically crafted to safely house these animals, and they feature easy-to-clean elements. When it's time to eat, Improvements has chicken feeders that are ideal for keeping your poultry happy.

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