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  • Shelton One Touch...

    Shelton One Touch Dog Gates

  • Folding Indoor...

    Folding Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Smart Pet Drinking...

    Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

  • Chenille Ultimate...

    Chenille Ultimate Furniture Covers

  • Ultimate Microfiber...

    Ultimate Microfiber Furniture Covers

  • Microfiber Furniture...

    Microfiber Furniture Protector with Strap

  • Sydney Floral Casual...

    Sydney Floral Casual Furniture Protectors with Strap

  • Indoor/Outdoor Dog...

    Indoor/Outdoor Dog Beds

  • Go Smart Pet Leash

    Go Smart Pet Leash

Pet Products Outlet

You probably have pets or know someone that does. Visit our pet products outlet and check out our selection of furniture covers. Even though you love your furry family member, you still want to keep your furniture looking brand new. Furniture covers can protect your chairs and sofas from signs of aging, so you can let your dog or cat curl up on your couch.

If you have dogs, you may want to pick up our Shelton One-Touch Pet Gates because they feature a hinged doorway that you can walk through without having to totally remove the gate; just lift the latch handle with one hand and the door opens in or out. The design allows your fur kids to see through the spindles, so they can still be part of the action.

Did you know that there’s an easy way to prevent pet urine from causing unsightly dead spots in your lawn? All you have to do is add Dog Rocks Lawn Burn Preventer to your dog’s water bowl. They’re a completely natural mineral that filters impurities from water such as tine, ammonia, and nitrates.

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