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    Port Royal Border Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

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    Port Royal Honeycomb Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

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    Port Royal Wave Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

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    Port Royal Geo Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

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    Maritime Patchwork Nautical Rugs


Patio Rugs

Outdoor Rugs add a finishing touch to your outdoor living spaces. Shop indoor/outdoor rugs at Improvements.

Outdoor rugs add a finishing touch to outdoor living spaces, transforming them into a true extension of your home's interior. Outdoor rugs are specially made to be weather-resistant and mold- and mildew resistant. Our selection of indoor/outdoor rugs features sizes for every space. If you need a smaller rug for a portion of your patio or deck or a large one for a larger space, we have styles and colors that enhance every decor. Our outdoor rugs are pretty enough to use indoors, too, and are a terrific choice for parches and mudrooms, since they are easy to clean no matter how muddy they get. Many of our indoor/outdoor rugs can even be cleaned with a garden hose. How convenient is that? Wondering how do you care for an outdoor rug? Check out our blog.

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