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Magnetic Door Screens & Garage Door Screens

Door Screens keep pests at bay. We have magnetic door screens, pet door screens, garage door screens and more at Improvements.

There are two main kinds of outdoor screens to consider: door screens and privacy screens. At improvements, we offer both. We have many choices for adding door screens to your outdoor living space, and they all help achieve the same goal: keeping pests away from you and your guests. The door between the house and outside gets lots of use, and often you need to go in and out with your hands full, like bringing food in and out. At Improvements, we offer walk-though door screens that don't need to be opened, and even automatic screen door closers that slide it shut behind you (or forgetful kids!). Flexible screens for doors are more resistant to kids and pets pushing on them than regular, non-flexible ones. And speaking of pets, we even offer pet screen doors, as well as special screen kits for pets, to provide more scratch-resistance. And don't forget the garage door! Turn your garage into an extra outdoor entertainment area by putting a screen across it. Privacy screens are another type of outdoor screens. These are useful if you'd like to add a visual barrier between yourself and your neighbors. Privacy screens are also great for sectioning off a larger space and creating smaller ones, like a breakfast nook at one end of your patio. We carry a wide variety of attractive and useful screens, including wood and faux-leaf terraced. We've even got screens to cover air conditioning units and sheds. For more tips on how to add privacy to your deck, check out our blog!

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