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Gardening and Lawn Care is so much easier when everything you need is in once place. Here at Improvements we have garden fence panels, garden tools, lawn tools, plant protection, home composting bins, garden hose holders, hose nozzles, rainwater collection, landscape edging, garden beds, pest control, and mosquito repellents.

Gardening and lawn care are important elements to the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. So many of us relish the time we spend outside in our garden, making it look its lushest, or on our lawn, playing with pets or children. We've got a carefully chosen collection of lawn care and garden care items to help you make the most of your outdoor time. In the garden, it's helpful to delineate the edges of the garden, to create a raised bed or to separate it from the rest of the yard. Garden fence panels can help frame your garden beds, just as home composting bins can neatly frame and set off your compost pile. Landscape edging is a useful and simple way to help keep the edges of your beds and lawn neat, tidy, and complete. Find garden and lawn tools to help make your work more streamlined and more enjoyable, from leaf raking to mowing to weeding and yard cleanup and everything in between. Garden hose holders corral your hose so it's out of the way but easy to grab the next time you need it. And speaking of the hose, be sure your hose nozzles and sprinklers are the right ones for each job. We have a variety for different plantings and uses. When it comes to plants, you want your hard work to be protected, which is why we offer plant protection items that protect plants from the elements and even over-watering. Pest control and mosquito repellents and traps are important tools for keeping your yard and garden in great shape, as well as protecting friends, family, and pets from annoying pests. Outdoor insect traps, citronella devices, and even door screens can be part of that protective arsenal, and we've got all those things and more. Finally, save water while quenching your plants and grass with imaginative rainwater collection items, so that even if the rain keeps you from enjoying your outdoor living space, you'll know that your plants will benefit later. For more ideas for achieving a beautiful lawn, read the gardening tips on garden fertilizing on our blog.

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Category:48920-Gardening & Lawn Care