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At Improvements, we want to help make your outdoor living spaces every bit as inviting and useful as the spaces inside your home. We offer patio umbrellas, outdoor privacy screens, outdoor curtains, outdoor rugs, door screens, address plaques, outdoor planters, topiaries, car accessories, garage, pool stuff, outdoor heating & cooling, outdoor entertaining, gardening, lawn care, garden decor, and outdoor wall decor; because we believe that being outdoors should be as comfortable as being indoors, with the added bonus of sunshine and lots of fresh air.

Choose a spot in your yard, deck, or patio that's roomy enough for a table and chairs or inviting enough for outdoor furniture. Once you've identified that perfect spot for outdoor entertaining, find one of our patio umbrellas to add a pop of color, interest, and, of course, shade. That way your comfy spot can be used all throughout the day, even when the sun's at its highest. We've got patio umbrellas that are perfect for patio tables and others that stand alone and offer tons of shade. And speaking of shade, another way to add it is with outdoor curtains and shades. There are myriad other uses for outdoor shades and curtains, like creating a slight wind block or increasing privacy. (And curtains look gorgeously tropical when they billow in the wind.) Outdoor privacy screens & trellises are another simple and aesthetically pleasing way to gain privacy; the look of vines on a privacy trellis adds natural style to your outdoor space. Outdoor screens are also a handy way to divide larger spaces into smaller ones. Outdoor rugs are another way to create truly comfortable outdoor spaces. Our vibrant collection of outdoor rugs features a wide variety of sizes and styles, each with features that make them weather-resistant, ideal for anything the weather throws your way. Outdoor decorating also includes the walls, and our outdoor wall decor adds another level of sophistication to outdoor entertaining spaces. Weather-resistant canvas art, weather-resistant metal wall art, and kinetic sculptures are simple ways to add unexpected touches to your patio or yard. It's finishing touches like these that show your guests (and family) that you've truly thought of everything. Likewise, the items in our door screens are simple to add to house doors and even garage doors, making your home less accessible to pests. And if you have pets or small kids, you'll appreciate our flexible screens and door screen repair kits. If letting animals in and out of the house takes you away from entertaining, give your pets their very own pet screen doors and spend more time with your guests.

Whether or not backyard games are a part of your entertaining plans, you'll want your yard or patio to look its best, and outdoor planters can help with that. Place a few around the perimeter to create smaller spaces and cozy nooks in a large space, or place a few outdoor planters in corners for smaller spaces. And if you'd rather enjoy yourself than spend time tending plants, our topiaries and outdoor plants are the perfect no-fuss way to add luscious greenery to the landscape. If gardening is your thing, our collection of gardening and lawn care items will give you the tools you need to make the work pleasurable. We're committed to saving you time (and giving your back a break) with gardening options like yard carts and tool containers, work benches and composting bins, all with your comfort in mind. And our landscape edging and plant protectors have your plants' comfort in mind! Combine the beauty of nature with the joy of art by selecting garden decor that fits your outdoor living space and your tastes. Pathways and stepping stones are a perfect way to get you from one place to another with style (and cleaner feet!). Decorative yardstakes, birdbaths and birdfeeders, and other types of garden sculptures and outdoor yard decor are a great way to turn your yard into a truly relaxing and restive place.

Extend your time outdoors to include hot days and chilly nights by adding outdoor heating and cooling. Our electric outdoor heaters are a no-fuss way to keep your guests warm, and outdoor fire pits add not only warmth but a warm glow and a focal point to your yard or patio. On hot days, find an outdoor cooling system to make things more comfortable for everyone. We even have outdoor cooling beds for dogs!

The best way to cool off is a dip in the pool, and if you've got one, we've got pool stuff for Our pool accessories include fun and funky pool floats and family pool games, as well as tools for cleaning your pool and even art for the pool.

Outdoor living starts at the curb, so we have a selection of items to help increase your home's curb appeal (and help friends find the party!). Find address plaques, signs, and mailboxes that work for you and also compliment your home's style and decor. Address plaques and signs make your home easier to find and also can help commemorate special dates and celebrate your family's identity.

Another way to organize and beautify your home is by focusing on the garage and driveway. For the garage, we have floor guards and floor mats for parking cars, cycles, and yard vehicles. Our garage storage items give you a place to keep things so they're organized and easy to find. Our driveway items include everything from driveway markers to driveway repair kits. Finally, car accessories are a good way to make sure that the time you spend on the road is as comfortable as possible. For drivers and passengers, find seat bolsters and sun shades. four-legged passengers need to be comfortable, too, and so we offer pet barriers for the car, pet-food containers, and seat protectors. Our selection of car storage and organization items keep you organized on the road.

Here at Improvements, we have so many great ideas for outdoor living to share. Check out our blog on dreamy outdoor living spaces for even more ideas and products to help you live your best outdoor life!

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Category:10016-Outdoor Living