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Solar Lights

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  • Mission Style Solar...

    Mission Style Solar Lantern

  • Color-Changing Solar...

    Color-Changing Solar Path Lights-Set of 4

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  • Color Changing Solar...

    Color Changing Solar Gazing Ball with Remote Control

  • Solar Post Cap...

    Solar Post Cap Lights

  • Flip 'n Charge Solar...

    Flip 'n Charge Solar LED Candles-Set of 2

  • Solar Color-Changing...

    Solar Color-Changing Patio Lights

  • Wicker Solar...

    Wicker Solar Lanterns

  • 9' Color Changing...

    9' Color Changing Solar Lighted Umbrella

  • Solar Bottle Lantern...

    Solar Bottle Lantern Kit

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  • Round Metal Solar...

    Round Metal Solar Lanterns-Set of 2

  • Solar Flagpole Light

    Solar Flagpole Light

  • 3 in 1 Mini Solar...

    3 in 1 Mini Solar Lantern with Planter

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  • Riad Solar LED...

    Riad Solar LED Outdoor Lantern

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  • Ceramic Solar...

    Ceramic Solar Lanterns

  • Inflatable Color...

    Inflatable Color-Changing Solar LED Lantern

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  • Frosted Palm Leaf...

    Frosted Palm Leaf Solar Lantern

  • Solar Powered LED...

    Solar Powered LED Wedge Light

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  • Square Solar Gutter...

    Square Solar Gutter Lights-Set of 2

  • Solar Gutter Lights...

    Solar Gutter Lights-Set of 2

  • Patriotic Hanging...

    Patriotic Hanging Solar Lanterns-Set of 3

  • Solar Tiger Lily...

    Solar Tiger Lily Stake

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  • Solar Lanterns

    Solar Lanterns

  • Solar Powered Metal...

    Solar Powered Metal Deck Lights-Set of 4

  • Motion Activated...

    Motion Activated Solar LED Lights

Solar Lights

When creating your outdoor space, consider the outdoor lighting that you'll want to incorporate. For instance, you may want to use solar lights because they're cost effective and don't require wiring, giving you the flexibility to place them wherever you need or want them. Plus, solar path lights can illuminate your garden or sculptures. But do you know how they work? Let's explore this option further!

Outdoor solar lights contain a solar panel, battery, lights, and wiring. They require sufficient amounts of sunlight to charge their batteries during the day. The energy they absorb from the sun is converted into electrical power, which is stored and used at night to power the light on. Some outdoor solar lights will remain on for up to 15 hours. However, each solar light is different.

Many outdoor solar lights have a manual on-off switch or photocell that turns the light on when the sun sets and off when the it's light again. If you turn the switch to on, you'll never have to touch the on/off switch again. However, you may want to turn your solar lights to off to store the electrical charge for a special event. Even when the light is off, the battery continues to charge during the day so your solar lights will be ready when you turn them back on.

Face outdoor solar lights to the south for maximum charge and make sure they're not shaded. At night, place them in an area that's dark. For more information, see our solar lighting blog posts Solar Lights FAQS and How to Choose Solar Lights. Just imagine your front and backyard lined with solar path lights. Not only will they illuminate the space, but they'll provide you with additional safety and security.

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