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  • Mission Style Solar...

    Mission Style Solar Lantern

  • Fairy Garden Statue...

    Fairy Garden Statue with Solar Lantern

  • Octopus Lantern

    Octopus Lantern

  • Wildfire LED Flame...

    Wildfire LED Flame Rechargeable Lanterns

  • Quatrefoil Solar...

    Quatrefoil Solar Umbrella Hanging Lanterns-Set of 2

    Internet Only!
  • Outdoor Inflatable...

    Outdoor Inflatable Solar LED Lantern

    Internet Only!
  • Portable Indoor...

    Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker

  • Moroccan Indoor...

    Moroccan Indoor/Outdoor LED Candle Lantern

    New! Internet Only!
  • Aviary Solar LED...

    Aviary Solar LED Candle Lantern Path Light

    Internet Only!
  • Estate Solar LED...

    Estate Solar LED Candle Lanterns

    Internet Only!
  • Riad Solar LED...

    Riad Solar LED Outdoor Lantern

    New! Internet Only!
  • Colonial Indoor...

    Colonial Indoor/Outdoor LED Candle Lanterns

  • Casablanca Solar LED...

    Casablanca Solar LED Outdoor Lantern

  • Battery Operated...

    Battery Operated Glass Pineapple Hurricane Lamp

  • Illuminated Mercury...

    Illuminated Mercury Glass Indoor/Outdoor Lantern

  • Round Metal Solar...

    Round Metal Solar Lanterns-Set of 2

  • Touch Activated...

    Touch Activated Wireless LED Lantern

  • FireGlow LED Metal...

    FireGlow LED Metal Lanterns

  • Wave Solar LED...

    Wave Solar LED Lanterns-Set of 2

    New! Internet Only!
  • Frosted Palm Leaf...

    Frosted Palm Leaf Solar Lantern

  • Inflatable Color...

    Inflatable Color-Changing Solar LED Lantern

    Internet Only!
  • Solar Lanterns

    Solar Lanterns

  • Glass & Metal...

    Glass & Metal Architectural Candle Lantern

  • Emergency Inflatable...

    Emergency Inflatable Solar LED Lantern



The outdoor of your home is the first thing that people see. It creates an impression that family, friends, and neighbors won't forget. Therefore, it needs to be well-maintained to make a delightful first impression and highlight the beauty of the interior. If you want to provide guests with a warm welcome, using decorative outdoor lanterns is a good approach. They have a subtle yet charming effect that's reminiscent of the days before houses had electricity.

Outdoor lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. Most have four sides with glass windows and are made of metal. However, you can find wooden lanterns. They usually house a large clear glass pane and have slopes on both sides with the lower slope having a steeper angle than the upper slope. But the main attraction of most decorative lanterns are the glass windows. And if the outdoor lanterns have handles, you can hang them in and around your yard using a shepherd's hook. You may even hang them from tree branches.

A great benefit of using outdoor lanterns is that some styles come with a flameless candle. Not only is it a good safety feature (no burning flame), but you get the beautiful effect of a flickering candle without the mess. Use for a romantic candlelit dinner or evening celebration outdoors. You can even bring the lanterns to the beach.

Finally, solar lanterns are a great option for decorating and lighting up your yard. You'll have to leave them out during the day to charge. But at night they'll illuminate your front yard, backyard, driveway, or pathway. You can even use them to brighten up a garden or gazebo. You may also use them for late evening meals and entertainment.