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  • Stone Battery...

    Stone Battery Operated Outdoor Table Lamp

  • Mission Style Solar...

    Mission Style Solar Lantern

  • Octopus Lantern

    Octopus Lantern

  • Solar Post Cap...

    Solar Post Cap Lights

  • Color Changing Solar...

    Color Changing Solar Gazing Ball with Remote Control

  • 9' Double Top Solar...

    9' Double Top Solar Lighted Umbrella

  • Fairy Garden Statue...

    Fairy Garden Statue with Solar Lantern

    New! Exclusive!
  • Pelican Garden...

    Pelican Garden Statue with Solar Lantern

    New! Exclusive!
  • 2-in-1 Edison...

    2-in-1 Edison Outdoor Solar LED Lantern

  • Solar Color-Changing...

    Solar Color-Changing Patio Lights

  • Wicker Battery...

    Wicker Battery-Operated Outdoor Table Lamp

  • Battery Operated...

    Battery Operated Wicker Outdoor Floor Lamp

  • Teardrop LED Solar...

    Teardrop LED Solar Garden Ornament

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  • Round Metal Solar...

    Round Metal Solar Lanterns-Set of 2

  • 9' Color Changing...

    9' Color Changing Solar Lighted Umbrella

  • Clear Filament 30...

    Clear Filament 30-Bulb Edison String Lights

  • Moroccan LED Solar...

    Moroccan LED Solar Torch

  • Color-Changing...

    Color-Changing Ceramic Solar Lantern

  • Casablanca Solar LED...

    Casablanca Solar LED Outdoor Lantern

  • Shine Bright Gold...

    Shine Bright Gold Metal Lantern

    Internet Only!
  • Metal Flower with...

    Metal Flower with Glass Bulbs Solar Garden Decor

  • LED Solar Spot...

    LED Solar Spot Lights-Set of 4

  • Hot Air Balloon...

    Hot Air Balloon Outdoor Solar LED Lantern

  • Solar Powered LED...

    Solar Powered LED Disk Lights-Set of 4


All Outdoor Lighting

There's no doubt that outdoor lighting can add ambiance to an outdoor living space. However, you have many options and may not know which one to use. You'll want to consider the style, color, and amount of light you’d like for your front yard and backyard. Once you determine these, you'll have all you need to choose the right outdoor lighting solution for you.

Solar lights can easily enhance the curb appeal of your home. They can also make your home safer as well as enhance outdoor features, from gardens to patios. Plus, they're ready to install out of the box – no wiring is required. Because of this, you can place them wherever you need them. Keep in mind that solar lights need direct sunlight for charging during the day in order for illumination at night. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you're sure to find one that matches your home's decor.

Another outdoor lighting option is lanterns, some of which are solar powered. They too come in a variety of styles and colors, and sometimes whimsical designs like an octopus. If you have a beach or nautical theme, it will fit in perfectly. You'll find that some lanterns have handles so that you can hang them from a shepherd's hook or even tree branches. Others can be used as pathway lights along a driveway or pathway. Some lanterns have intricate designs that add to their decorativeness and will look great on a cocktail table, end table or sideboard. Finally, if you like to light candles, but are concerned with fire safety, then lanterns with flameless candles will work for you. Some have a candle-like flicker, while others have a steady glow. Keep in mind these lanterns usually take 2-3 AA batteries and some lanterns even have a remote (uses batteries) so that you can easily turn them on or off. You'll enjoy the ambiance of candles without the mess of dripping candle wax.

If you want a taller outdoor lighting solution, consider outdoor floor lamps. They come in a variety of styles and colors like a lamppost, which may include a planter at the bottom. Not only can you light up your outdoor space, but you can plant your favorite flowers in the planter. It's like getting two products in one! Of course outdoor lamps are available for tables. They too come in different styles and sizes with fabric lampshades. Both floor lamps and table lamps can be placed inside or outside of your sunroom or on your patio. Make sure to bring them inside when the weather changes.

A great way to add some pizazz to your outdoor living spaces is with patio string lights. String them around a gazebo, fence, or patio. You may even consider connecting multiple sets (up to 5 string lights) for a unique effect. Patio string lights will add fun and flair to any outdoor gathering. And if a bulb burns out, no problem. Replacement ones are available. Of course, you may also want to incorporate landscape and garden lights. Like string lights, they can enhance your outdoor space. They can also light up any pathways you may have. If you have a gathering, your guests will easily find their way around your home.

Lastly, if you've been thinking about improving your home's safety and security, you may consider adding motion sensor lights in and around your home. Most take batteries (not included). However, solar powered options available as well. Since they don't require wiring, you can place them wherever you need them with the included peel and stick adhesive and screws. Keep in mind that the number of LEDs (energy-efficient) and lumens (amount of brightness) varies as does the range of motion detection and the amount of time the light stays on. Motion sensor lights come in many styles and colors, and can be placed wherever you need them, from your porch to garage, sheds, and under gutters and doorways.

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