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Outdoor Umbrellas

  • Wicker Look Patio...

    Wicker Look Patio Umbrella Base on Wheels

  • 9' Double Top Solar...

    9' Double Top Solar Lighted Umbrella

  • 9' Outdoor Sunbrella...

    9' Outdoor Sunbrella Umbrella & Replacement Canopy

  • 8-1/2' Square Offset...

    8-1/2' Square Offset Solar Lighted Umbrella

  • Offset Umbrella...

    Offset Umbrella Cover

  • Eucalyptus Umbrella...

    Eucalyptus Umbrella Table

  • Shell Umbrella Base

    Shell Umbrella Base

  • 11' Outdoor...

    11' Outdoor Sunbrella Umbrella & Replacement Canopy

  • 7-1/2' Outdoor...

    7-1/2' Outdoor Sunbrella Umbrella & Replacement Canopy

  • Umbrella Covers

    Umbrella Covers

  • 9' Fiberglass...

    9' Fiberglass Umbrella

  • 9' Color Changing...

    9' Color Changing Solar Lighted Umbrella

  • 9' Wood Market...

    9' Wood Market Umbrella

  • 6' Outdoor Sunbrella...

    6' Outdoor Sunbrella Umbrella & Replacement Canopy

  • 9' Deluxe Umbrella...

    9' Deluxe Umbrella Frame & Canopy

  • 7-1/2' Deluxe...

    7-1/2' Deluxe Umbrella Frame & Canopy

  • Outdoor Specialty...

    Outdoor Specialty Printed Umbrellas and Replacement Canopies

  • 6' Deluxe Umbrella...

    6' Deluxe Umbrella Frame & Canopy

  • 11' Deluxe Umbrella...

    11' Deluxe Umbrella Frame & Canopy

  • Offset Umbrella Base...

    Offset Umbrella Base Weight

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  • Umbrella Table Lamp...

    Umbrella Table Lamp And Sunbrella Fabric Shade Cover

Garden Umbrellas

Outdoor Umbrellas give you shade while showing off your style. We have a whole rainbow of colors and types, including umbrella bases, patio umbrellas with extra-large canopies, and lighted umbrellas.

Did you know that there's a wide variety of choices when it comes to outdoor umbrellas? Here at Improvements, we carry a patio umbrella for every style and outdoor living configuration. There are classic patio table umbrellas, for starters, that fit conveniently into a hole at the center of the patio table and snugly into a weighted umbrella base. We carry brightly colored umbrellas and beautifully patterned umbrellas made of durable, vibrant material. We also have a variety of weighted bases for outdoor umbrellas, including ones on wheels. If you like to spend time outside at different hours of the day, you'll appreciate an outdoor umbrella that can be repositioned, or bent on a hinge, depending on where the sun is. We also have extra-large canopies that block out a wider area. If you have an area you'd like to shade that doesn't have a table with an umbrella hole, we also offer offset umbrellas that act as a large canopy. And, of course, we at Improvements love to keep the party going, and so we offer a variety of lighted umbrellas, some that take advantage of the sun and operate on solar energy. Looking for ways to turn your outdoor dining space into a romantic spot, at least for an evening or two? Our blog has tips on small patio ideas for an intimate dinner for 2.

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