Patio Furniture Covers


Outdoor Furniture Covers

Patio Furniture Covers area a great way to protect the patio furniture you enjoy. We have a selection of patio chair covers, patio table covers, outdoor cushion storage, outdoor covers, and grill covers at Improvements.

Protect your investment and your outdoor enjoyment by covering your outdoor furniture with patio furniture covers. We'd spend all our time outdoors on the patio or deck if we could, but the sad truth is we have to go indoors sometime! And, of course, the weather doesn't always cooperate. So, we at Improvements offer a wide assortment of furniture protectors, even ones that cover unusually shaped items, like patio chair covers and patio table covers. You don't have to let your patio dining furniture sit unprotected from wind, rain and snow (or dust, if you store them indoors). Our outdoor covers come in all shapes and sizes, like covers for side tables, chaises, and even covers for firepits and storage chests. We also offer outdoor cushion storage items. Cushion bins are a great way to protect patio pillows and chair cushions in the off-season, but also overnight, if you don't want things left out unprotected and unattended. And don't forget the grill! Our grill covers keep your gas or charcoal grills snug until you're ready to use them again. For more tips on protecting and covering your outdoor furniture, read our blog entry about outdoor furniture covers you need. We'll help you figure out which covers are best for you.

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Category:63909-Patio Furniture Covers