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Grill Covers

At Improvements, we have an assortment of grill covers that will keep your BBQ grill safeguarded against the rain, ice, snow, tree sap, and the sun's damaging rays. No matter if you have a wagon grill or a built-in grill, you'll find a grill cover that will work for you. We offer Deluxe and Basic grill covers. Here's the difference between the two:

Deluxe Grill Cover – Constructed of polyester outer fabric bonded to tough PVC but has a cloth-like look and feel. But they're lightweight and easy to handle and provide fuller coverage. Most are vented for airflow to prevent mold and mildew buildup. The grill furniture covers have elastic bottoms and hook and loop straps to keep them secure. They're available in a stylish two tone design and solid colors of beige and moss in select styles. The Deluxe is our Exclusive brand!

Basic Grill Cover – Made by Budge Industries – "The original car cover company" who's the most recognized name in vehicle protection. The outdoor grill covers are constructed of the same material that protects luxury cars. They have two external layers and are spun-bond polypropylene, treated with a UV compound, while the internal layer of the outdoor furniture cover is a waterproof material. They provide full coverage and are lightweight, breathable, and easy to handle. Most have ties and buckles to keep them secure. And know this: the grill covers are expertly engineered to protect a wide variety of assets from the environment, including UV radiation, airborne contaminants, acid rain, freezing rain, sap, salt, snow, road grime, bird droppings, and other harmful pervasive elements. These outdoor grill covers are available in tan.

Either outdoor grill cover option is an excellent choice to protect your patio grill - you just have to decide if you need a wagon grill cover or a built-in grill cover. We even offer a propane tank cover to protect your propane tank from wet weather that can cause corrosion. You'll enjoy grilling year round by having a propane tank cover in place. Just think about how the life of your grill will be extended because it will be protected against the weather. You and your family and friends will enjoy cookouts for years to come!

No matter if you choose the Deluxe or Basic grill cover, your grill will be protected when it's not in use. To care for your grill covers, do the following: • For our Exclusive Deluxe grill cover, use a mild liquid detergent with warm water and a soft brush to clean off dust, dirt, debris, sap from trees, bird droppings, and such. Rinse the grill covers with a hose and hang them over a deck rail or clothesline to dry. • For our Basic grill covers, gently wipe them down with mild soap, rinse with cold water, and hang to dry. Make sure your grill covers are completely dry before putting them on your grills!

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