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All Patio Furniture Covers

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All Patio Furniture Covers

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  • Oversized Chair...

    Oversized Chair Cover

  • High Back Chair...

    High Back Chair Cover

  • Stacking Chair Cover

    Stacking Chair Cover

  • 2-Seat Glider Cover

    2-Seat Glider Cover

  • Oversized Settee...

    Oversized Settee Cover

  • Oval/Rectangle Table...

    Oval/Rectangle Table Set Covers

  • Adirondack Chair...

    Adirondack Chair Cover

  • Round Table Set...

    Round Table Set Covers

  • Chaise Cover

    Chaise Cover

  • Sofa Covers

    Sofa Covers

  • Chaise Cover-Large

    Chaise Cover-Large

  • Round Table Set...

    Round Table Set Cover

  • Tall Bar Chair Cover

    Tall Bar Chair Cover

  • Innerflow Ventilated...

    Innerflow Ventilated Grill Covers

    Internet Only!
  • Double Chaise Cover

    Double Chaise Cover

  • Offset Umbrella...

    Offset Umbrella Cover

  • High Back Chair...

    High Back Chair Cover

  • Glider Covers

    Glider Covers

  • Cushion Storage Bag

    Cushion Storage Bag

  • Wagon Grill Covers

    Wagon Grill Covers

  • Chair Cover

    Chair Cover

  • Oval/Rectangle Table...

    Oval/Rectangle Table Cover -72"

  • Utility Covers

    Utility Covers

  • Air Conditioner...

    Air Conditioner Covers


All Patio Furniture Covers

Search our patio furniture covers and you'll find Deluxe and Basic options that can shelter your outdoor living investment. Both are great options. Here's the difference between the two:

The DELUXE (our Exclusive brand) outdoor furniture covers are constructed of polyester outer fabric bonded to tough PVC but has a cloth-like look and feel. However, they're lightweight and easy to handle and provide fuller coverage. Most are vented for airflow to prevent mold and mildew buildup. The patio furniture covers have elastic bottoms and hook and loop straps to keep them secure. They're available in a stylish two tone design and solid colors of beige and moss in select styles.

The BASIC outdoor furniture covers are made by Budge Industries – "The original car cover company" who's the most recognized name in vehicle protection. The covers are constructed of the same material that protects luxury cars. They have two external layers and are spun-bond polypropylene, treated with a UV compound, while the internal layer of the outdoor furniture cover is a waterproof material. They provide full coverage and are lightweight, breathable, and easy to handle. Most have ties and buckles to keep them secure. And know this: the covers are expertly engineered to protect a wide variety of assets from the environment, including UV radiation, airborne contaminants, acid rain, freezing rain, sap, salt, snow, road grime, bird droppings, and other harmful pervasive elements. The outdoor covers are available in tan.

Consider this: you don't want the weather or even tree sap to ruin your patio chairs and other outdoor furniture, do you? Probably not. Covering your outdoor furniture will ensure it's protected, so you and your family can enjoy it. No matter if you live in an area that receives over 300 days of sunshine, or one that receives snowfall. You'll want to invest in outdoor furniture covers.

And think about it: have you ever gone outside and found your patio furniture soaked through because of a torrential downpour? If so, you were probably devastated to see your favorite piece, perhaps a high back patio chair, dripping with water. With patio chair covers, you can avoid the disappointment of losing a favorite piece of outdoor furniture. Whether you choose a Deluxe or Basic outdoor cover, know this: your patio chairs will be protected.

When it comes to patio tables, they come in all shapes and sizes, from tall and short – to round and square. It makes sense that patio table covers would be available in a wide range of styles. For instance, if you have a wooden coffee table, perhaps made out of eucalyptus wood, you may want to get a Deluxe outdoor furniture cover. The reason why is simple: the coffee table may double as an ottoman. If you have a cushion on it, the outdoor cover will protect the entire piece from the weather.

And here's the deal: in the off season, it's highly recommended that you place your outdoor cushions inside and away from the elements of inclement weather. Please make sure that your patio cushions are completely dry, and clean from dirt, debris, etc. before storing. But even if you do this, you don't want them to be left out in the open. Outdoor cushion storage bags and bins will keep your patio cushions dry. For example, our patio cushion storage bag has a zippered top that opens wide for easy access, plus large carrying handles for easy toting. It stays flexible even in below-freezing temperatures. For the best protection, use the cushion storage bag in a covered location. Or you may want to put them in your basement or garage.

Next, let's talk about protecting your air conditioning unit. Just imagine the compressor housing covered with ice, rain, and leaves. Your unit may get damaged, which means you may spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. Or worse, you may need to get a new central A/C unit. Covering your air conditioner with an air conditioner covers will shield your unit from the weather, debris, and birds. It's vented on all sides to improve airflow and help prevent condensation buildup that could freeze and cause leaks. Since the air conditioner cover stays flexible even in extreme temperatures, it's easy to put on and take off. The elastic around the bottom keeps the cover from blowing away on windy days.

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line grill cover, look no further. Improvements has built-in grill covers and wagon grill covers, so no matter what type of grill you have, you'll find a sturdy cover to protect it from the elements and thus preserve the life of your outdoor grill. For instance, our wagon grill cover is made of a polyester outer fabric bonded to tough PVC for greater tear and puncture resistance, with a cloth-like look and feel. But get this: the outdoor grill cover provides fuller-height coverage than other covers on the market, so your barbecue grill is completely protected. It's also water-repellent to stand up to the weather and vented so air can circulate to help prevent mold and mildew build-up.

The wagon grill is stylish, tough, and stays flexible in below-freezing temperatures and will help protect your investment for many years. And don’t forget about a propane tank cover! Ours is weatherproof, UV-protected, and mildew resistant. It features Innerflow® Ventilated System which allows moisture to escape as well as safeguard against propane buildup in case of a leak. If you don't protect your propane tank from the weather, it may become corroded, which means it will cost you to replace it. So if you want to enjoy grilling year-round, get a propane tank cover grill!

Your patio furniture will be protected with our Deluxe or Basic outdoor furniture covers! To care for your covers, do the following: • To clean our Deluxe outdoor furniture covers, use a mild liquid detergent with warm water and a soft brush to clean off dust, dirt, debris, sap from trees, bird droppings, and such. Rinse the outdoor covers with a hose and hang them over a deck rail or clothesline to dry. • To clean our Basic outdoor furniture covers, gently wipe them down with mild soap, rinse with cold water, and hang to dry. Make sure your outdoor furniture covers are completely dry before putting them on your patio furniture!

Read our blog post, "Do You Know Which Outdoor Furniture Covers You Need?" and discover how to measure your patio furniture, so you get the right sized outdoor furniture covers.

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