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Emergency Lighting

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  • Rechargeable Tea...

    Rechargeable Tea Light Candles-Set of 12

  • Blackout Buddy...

    Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight

    Internet Only!
  • Rechargeable...

    Rechargeable Emergency Light & Power Bank

    Internet Only!
  • Square Solar Gutter...

    Square Solar Gutter Lights-Set of 2

  • Flexible LED Task...

    Flexible LED Task Light

  • Outdoor Inflatable...

    Outdoor Inflatable Solar LED Lantern

    Internet Only!
  • Cordless LED Light...

    Cordless LED Light Wand

    Internet Only!
  • Blackout Buddy...

    Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack

Emergency Lighting

Are you prepared if your power goes out? Shop our wide variety of emergency lighting to make sure you don't get stuck in the dark even if you lose power.

Improvements offer many different options of lights to help you and your family feel safe during a power outage. Choose from LED motion sensor lights that are mounted to stairs or walls, for indoor or outdoor use, or a motion sensor table lamp that turn on when movement is sensed.

We also offer lights that turn on when the room goes dark, immediately coming on during a power outage or serving as a nightlight so you don't have to turn on overhead lights at night. Choose an emergency flashlight that is kept in a power outlet so it is always charged when you need it.

To combat against a long-term power outage, choose a solar generator. It can power critical appliances and offer an enormous peace of mind. You'll know you can keep any necessary appliances up and running using just the power of the sun.

Don't let your family get left in the dark. Utilize emergency lighting sources to keep the lights on even when the power is out.

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