Warm up your home with indoor and outdoor lighting. Our selection includes pendant lights, wireless lighting; table lamps and floor lamps; task lighting, wireless lighting, outdoor lighting, candles and candle holders; emergency lighting, and lighting accessories, so you can create the mood you want. Let's explore these options further!

If you've bought a new home or in the middle of remodeling your current one, you may want to add pendant lights to your kitchen, family room, or living room. For a contemporary lighting option, consider the mercury glass instant pendant light. This stylish lighting option offers you a very easy way to convert a recessed light into a stylish hanging pendant light because a decorative ceiling plate hides it. The pendant light has an adjustable cord (8" to 48") and is easy-to-install because it doesn't require tools or rewiring. Your space will be updated with new contemporary lighting in no time.

Adding wireless lighting to your home will make your life more convenient. If you want to highlight a picture on a wall or add a sconce in an entryway, wireless lighting would be a great option. Wireless lights can be used to light dark closets, stairways or walkways. Thanks to our soft glow motion sensor light, you won't be left in the dark! This LED floodlight gives you ultra-bright, ultra-wide, glare-free coverage up your stairs or in your hallway closets. The motion sensor light installs with just 2 screws (there's no wiring!) and the energy-efficient LEDs never need to be replaced. It's a great hands-free and safety solution! Wireless lighting isn't just for safety-it's also great for decorative lighting purposes as well. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen without running wires, install Craftsman Tiffany Glass Instant Pendant Lights. The artisan glass design of warm earth tones in rust, orange, and beige will complement your home's decor.

Looking for a unique lamp for your home office, living room or bedroom? Improvements has a variety of table lamps so you're sure to find one to match your home decor. You'll even find a battery-operated table lamp that's not only beautiful, but also handy to have in the event of a power outage. Add a sophisticated European flair to your home with Harlan table and floor lamps. The lamps feature a distressed base and botanical print shade that were inspired by an antique chair. These lamps have an elegant and classic design that will look great in any room.

Even if your home loses power, you'll still be able to have light with portable multi-directional LED lights because they're battery operated. The pivoting light heads feature 12 LEDs that will provide you with bright illumination for doing crafts, reading, or working so you can use one in pretty much any room in the house. You may also use the portable multi-directional LED lights in an outdoor shed or while camping. It's a great home safety solution!

Finally, you'll want to illuminate your backyard living space with outdoor lighting. Our selection ranges from solar lights to lanterns, landscape and garden lights, and more. For instance, if you're having a backyard BBQ or pool party, hang some patio string lights to add ambiance to your outdoor space. You and your guests will want to stay a while longer under the glow of their soft ambient light. Visit our blog for more patio lighting ideas.

Shop now for all of your indoor lighting and outdoor lighting needs. We know you'll find solutions that will fit your needs. And if you need help, just ask us! Follow us on social media or email us at tips@improvementscatalog.com.