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Laundry Hampers

Just because laundry hampers are used to collect and conceal our dirty clothing, doesn't mean they can't be functional and attractive. Browse our large assortment of sizes and styles to find the laundry hamper that works best for you.

If you are looking for simple laundry storage that will be hidden in a closet or cabinet, or even behind a door, try a laundry basket with wheels. It easily fits under most standard counters and its unique design allows the bottom of the bag to rise as you empty it¬--which means it's great if you have a bad back!

Exposed laundry hampers should match your indoor furniture and home decor. Wicker hampers have that classic laundry hamper look and add traditional style to a bathroom or bedroom. Like wicker hampers, teak clothes hampers are great in bathrooms since they are naturally water resistant. We even have a wicker laundry basket for the pool that's shaped like a whale and is the perfect vessel for collecting wet towels and damp clothing.

Modern laundry hampers double as home accents and can be so stylish that you may not even want to put dirty clothes in them. If you have a large bedroom or bathroom, a double laundry hamper has two separate compartments to give you a head start on sorting. Also an attractive piece of furniture, this laundry hamper’s top surface is perfect for displaying photos and other decorative objects. For small spaces, a small clothes hamper or a collapsible laundry hamper gives you the convenience of a hamper without the bulk. Whatever type of clothes hamper you're looking for, you are sure to find something functional and affordable at Improvements.

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