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Irons & Ironing Boards

Make sure your work shirt is perfectly pressed and your favorite party dress is wrinkle free and ready to go for the weekend. Improvements has a large assortment of ironing boards for large and small laundry rooms at affordable prices.
If you are short on floor space in your laundry room, a wall-mounted ironing board is an excellent solution for you. Choose a wall-mounted ironing board that has shelving inside to store your iron and other laundry essentials. Another option to make the most of the space in your small laundry room is a folding ironing board that easily stores in the closet or alongside a washer or dryer when not in use. Choose an ironing board with wheels so you can easily transport it to your living room and watch TV as you iron. And if you don't have any space to iron in your laundry room, table top ironing boards can be used on your kitchen table or counter top. All of these ironing boards get the job done and leave you with clean, fresh-looking clothing.
Helpful ironing board accessories help make ironing easier and more convenient. An ironing board cover can even make ironing safer. Its extra heat protection and scorch resistance will also help your ironing board last longer. Need a place to store your ironing board? Try an over-the-door ironing board that fits conveniently over the frame and even holds an iron, too! Rid yourself the worry of leaving that hot iron sitting out, just waiting to be touched my one of the kids or your pet. A heat resistant iron caddy lets you immediately put your hot iron away and store it by using the convenient top handle.
Improvements' affordable irons and ironing boards are guaranteed to make your laundry day less of a chore.

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