Laundry Room


Laundry Room

Take the stress out of laundry day with everything you need to make clothes cleaning enjoyable-well, as enjoyable as it can be, anyway. Laundry room accessories will help you get the job done whether you do your own laundry or, being the superstar that you are, do the rest of your family's laundry, as well.

Find laundry hampers to make gathering dirty clothing and towels easier. Canvas laundry hampers are perfect for clothing, while teak laundry hampers work best for wet towels and clothing and are best used in a bathroom. If you live in a one-story home or an apartment, a rolling laundry hamper lets you wheel your wash from your bedroom or bathroom right to the laundry room—no heavy lifting required.

Portable laundry carts and laundry sorters let you easily transport your wash. You can even roll them into the living room to watch TV while you fold and sort. Keep all of your supplies close with an over the washer shelf and an iron and ironing board holder that fits over your door. It's the little things like these that can turn a chore into a relaxing weekly event.

Make sure your delicate garments and air-dry only clothes are properly dried with a drying rack or clothes line. For smaller laundry rooms, accordion drying racks flatten against the wall and adjust based on your needs. Wall-mounted drying racks are also a great option if you have little floor space. They tilt out at 3 angles and let you choose the perfect height for your clothes and accessories. When you are finished, easily fold your drying rack against the wall and re-claim your space!

Improvements also offers laundry detergent and clothing care accessories. Use laundry pre wash and fabric softener dryer balls to stop stains from setting and keep your clothes soft and crisp looking. And in the event that a garment rips, or if you just enjoy making and/or altering your own clothes, our assortment of sewing accessories will certainly help you get the job done…and make that job feel less like a job.

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