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Spice Racks

Kitchen - Spice Racks | Improvements Catalog
  • Crazy Susan Kitchen...

    Crazy Susan Kitchen Turntable with Backstop-11"

  • SpiceStack Spice...

    SpiceStack Spice Organizer

    Internet Only!
  • SpiceLiner In-Drawer...

    SpiceLiner In-Drawer Spice Organizer-Set of 6

  • Spicy Shelf...

    Spicy Shelf Stackable Spice Organizer Rack

  • Bamboo 2-Tier...

    Bamboo 2-Tier Turntable

    Internet Only!
  • Crazy Susan...

    Crazy Susan Turntable-16"

    Internet Only!
  • Clear Lazy Susan...

    Clear Lazy Susan Turntables

    Internet Only!
  • SpiceSteps Spice...

    SpiceSteps Spice Rack

  • Spice Expand-A...

    Spice Expand-A-Drawer

  • Acacia Wood Lazy...

    Acacia Wood Lazy Susan

    Internet Only!

Spice Racks

Get your seasonings in order with our selection of unique spice racks for cabinets, counters, and pantries. Lazy Susan spice racks rotate so you can find exactly what you need. And those with impressive spice collections will love our 2-tier spice storage turntable that gives you an extra level to store your spices.

Spice drawers display all the labels on your spice jars face up, allowing you to quickly find the spice you need. Create your own spice drawer with an in-drawer spice organizer that adjusts based on your needs and holds up to 36 bottles. Spiceliners® turn that unused drawer into a pull-out spice rack and can be easily cut to your desired length.

And perfect for family dinners, our rotating napkin caddy and stacking oil & vinegar, salt & pepper set will give everyone easy access to season and dress dishes to their liking. Wherever you decide to place your spices, we have a spice organizer for you.

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