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Canisters & Cookie Jars

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Canisters & Cookie Jars

Kitchen canisters are helpful and attractive kitchen accessories to have around. Not only do they hold your baking supplies and small baked goods, but they also add an accent to your kitchen when placed on the counter or kitchen island. Improvements offers a large selection of kitchen canisters, cookie jars, and dog treat jars in a variety of styles and sizes to coordinate with your kitchen décor.

Choose from kitchen canister sets with flowers that look lovely with traditional or country-style kitchen décor. Bright and colorful kitchen canisters add a pop of color to modern or simple, white kitchens.

You can use canisters for kitchen supplies like sugar, flour, cookies and other baked confections, and to store snacks like nuts and pretzels. Personalized kitchen canisters and cookie jars let you showcase your family name for a special touch and are a thoughtful gift idea for a neighbor or relative. ProKeeper kitchen canisters use an airtight seal to keep food of all kinds-even meat, cheese, and bread-fresher longer and are designed to help you stay organized.

And don't forget about your favorite furry friend. Store your pet's biscuits in a personalized dog treat jar and his food in a fun, yet classic looking dog food jar. We have a variety of designs for both cats and dogs.

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