Storage & Organization


Storage & Organization

Do you need help with storage and organization in your home? If so, you've come to the right place. At Improvements, we believe that an organized home is a happy home and that's why we've worked hard to bring you several unique storage solutions for every room in your house.

Let's start with what guests see the when they step inside your home: the entryway. Entryway storage is very important and is easily achieved with helpful items like storage benches that neatly hide your shoes and also function as an attractive seating areas. Storage cubes can also be used to house cold weather gear, cleaning supplies, backpacks, and more. If your entryway is on the smaller side, wall organizers like wall hooks create space for hanging coats, purses, and umbrellas without taking up too much space.

The living room is another area of the house that could benefit from a little storage and organization. Our collection of media storage products give DVD players, game consoles, TVs and their respective cords a home. We even offer storage furniture disguised as stylish pieces like storage ottomans that have a file system inside. The kitchen is also another area that gets a ton of traffic and use, so we've made sure to provide you with plenty of kitchen storage solutions like storage carts for smaller kitchens, kitchen storage containers for organizing your cabinets and fridge, and even pantry organizers to maximize your dry good storage space. In fact, we have an entire section of our site dedicated to kitchen cabinet organizers. Looking for kitchen storage inspiration? Visit our blog post on how to organize your kitchen cabinets in 5 easy steps.

And you can never have enough storage space in the bedroom…even if you have the spacious closet of your dreams. We offer helpful clothing storage for all your garments regardless of the size of your closet. Use shoe storage like hanging organizers and shoe benches so you are always able to locate the perfect pair for each outfit. Under bed storage boxes and storage bags and totes let you store seasonal clothing, extra blankets, etc. You can even find jewelry storage options here to protect your favorite pieces.

We also have storage sheds for your gardening supplies and firewood storage to neatly house your logs, as well as car trunk organizers for travel gear and roadside safety essentials. Our popular Christmas storage bags for wreaths, trees, ornaments and more always steal the show around the holidays. The frequent jetsetter will find unique travel accessories helpful for transporting suits and fine garments, toiletries, and jewelry.

If you have a particular room you are looking to organize, shop storage by room to see our entire assortment for a specific area of your home.

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