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  • H2GO Waterproof...

    H2GO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • Electronic Coin...

    Electronic Coin Sorter

  • EyeVac Electric...

    EyeVac Electric Vacuum/Dustpan

  • Checkbook Cover With...

    Checkbook Cover With Checkbook Calculator

  • Guard Your ID Stamp...

    Guard Your ID Stamp Roller

    Internet Only!
  • Retro Wall Phone

    Retro Wall Phone

  • Backyard Drive In...

    Backyard Drive In Outdoor Movie Theater

    New! Exclusive!
  • ChargeHub 7 Port USB...

    ChargeHub 7 Port USB Charging Station

    New! Internet Only!
  • Animal Bluetooth...

    Animal Bluetooth Speaker

  • 5 Port Super USB...

    5 Port Super USB Charging Hub

  • ChargeHub Vehicle...

    ChargeHub Vehicle Auto Tool

    New! Internet Only!
  • Smart Home WiFi...

    Smart Home WiFi Outlet

    New! Internet Only!
  • USB Wall Outlet with...

    USB Wall Outlet with Hidden Security Camera

    New! Internet Only!
  • Gift Wrap Cutter

    Gift Wrap Cutter

  • SwitchFlip Wireless...

    SwitchFlip Wireless Outlet Controller

    New! Internet Only!
  • Couchlet USB...

    Couchlet USB Charging Station

  • Portable Disco Ball...

    Portable Disco Ball Light Up Bluetooth Speaker

  • Multi Device Wall...

    Multi Device Wall Outlet Charging Station

  • Guard Your ID Stamp ...

    Guard Your ID Stamp & Roller Ultimate Kit

  • OWL Emergency Auto...

    OWL Emergency Auto Tool

    New! Exclusive!
  • PenBlade Precision...

    PenBlade Precision Craft Cutting Tool-6 Pack

  • Portable Cell Phone...

    Portable Cell Phone Flash

  • Crosley Coupe Vinyl...

    Crosley Coupe Vinyl Turntable

    New! Internet Only!
  • Crosley Portfolio...

    Crosley Portfolio Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

    New! Internet Only!

Cool Gadgets

If you’re looking for some unique cool gadgets for yourself or to give as gifts, look no further! Improvements has some clever problem solvers that you’re sure to love.

Some studies have shown that identity theft occurs every 3.5 seconds in the U.S. One way to help protect yourself is by obscuring your name and address on pill bottles, cancelled checks, and mail with the Guard Your ID Stamp Roller. The information-obscuring stamp features specially formulated ink that adheres to shiny and glossy surfaces. Because it’s a roller and not a flat stamp, the Guard Your ID Stamp Roller can be used on non-flat surfaces like prescription bottles. The black-out stamp roller is an easy way to maintain your privacy and secure your personal information on credit card offers and financial statements. The Guard Your ID Stamp Roller has a stamping surface of 1” width and lasts for approximately 100 ft. It’s a cool gadget and great solution for protecting your identity!

Stop searching for the correct adapter by corralling up to five devices at a time with a multi-port AC/USB charger. This multi charger has 2 USB ports for mobile phones and other electronic devices, along with 3 AC receptacles. The built-in surge protector keeps the user and the devices safe by automatically shutting off in the event of a power surge. The ABS fire-retardant plastic housing resists overheating, and the LED power light instantly indicates when the power to the charger is off. The multi-port AC/USB charger is a great solution for travel.

The iTrex Personal Tracking Device is an ultra-lightweight tag that works with a special app to keep track of your things, even people! All you do is attach the tag and install the app, then use the parameters you set within the software to know when your tracking device is in motion or out of range. You can use it in reverse to locate your phone or tablet. The iTrex uses cloud technology and has an extra long battery life.

An LCD projection alarm clock is the perfect home solution that allows you to simply glance at the ceiling in order to check the time. The projection clock projects the time on your ceiling or wall, with an adjustment dial for focus. It features a projector rotation so it can be used at a variety of angles along with a snooze button. The LCD projection alarm clock keeps track of the day, date, and temperature, even Daylight Saving Time.

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