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At Improvements, you'll find unique home decor to enhance your indoor and outdoor space. Shop chair pads and dining chair cushions, home accents, throw pillows, throw blankets, and more. Take a look, and you'll find what you need to decorate your home, whether you've just bought a new one or have lived in yours for many years. Let's explore all that home decor has to offer starting with chair pads and dining chair cushions.

You may love your chairs, but you may want to update them because they can add color, comfort, and style. They come in a wide variety, even faux leather chair pads and bar stool pads. You can purchase a complete set or mix and match your dining chair cushions to create a unique look. Chair pads are an easy way to make over your space, and they're simple to maintain - just spot clean.

If you have kids, they may sometimes take their coats off and drop them on the floor instead of hanging them up. Make it easy for them by placing coat racks, hooks and stands in your entryway or mudroom. They come in a wide variety of styles and are perfect for hanging jackets, towels, dog leashes, and more. If you get a wall shelf with hooks. You can display pictures on top and hang your coats on the bottom. Or perhaps a coat rack with basket is what you need. Not only can you hang your coat, but you'll have a place for your mail. Multi-purpose. Coat racks, hooks and stands are a great way to get and stay organized.

When guests visit your home, make sure it's ready to make a lasting first impression. Use entryway decor to create a warm and welcoming scene. For instance, hang a wreath on the door or an entryway wall clock or mirror on the wall. Keep a throw blanket in a storage basket by your couch or chair in case you or a guest gets cold. Finally, you may want to protect your floors by using an entryway boot tray or perhaps a waterguard floor mat>, so you can stop dirt and debris in their tracks.

Another way to make your home inviting, inside and out, is with home accents. For example, place a decorative stained-glass lamp on an end table (get two if you have more than one end table). Put vases on the top of a cabinet or console and hang pictures frames on the wall. Keep blankets and throw pillows in a wicker storage trunk and place it in front of your couch and use it as a unique coffee table. If you like plants but don't want the maintenance, use a faux grass or succulent USB charging station. It's like getting two solutions in one - a place to charge your electronics and a decorative home accent. As for the outside of your home, place a lighted flower window box filler in a window box to brighten up the outside. Hang a pretty wreath on the door, too.

You can also add wall decor and window treatments to the inside and outside of your home. For instance, you can hang decorative wall art like a triptych (three prints that create a scene) on a wall in your living room or metal artwork on an outside wall. To enhance your space indoors and add privacy outdoors, use indoor and outdoor window treatments. Some curtains and drapes are thermal-insulated and can keep the inside of your home warm during colder months and cool during hotter months. If you or your loved ones have trouble sleeping, you may want to invest in room-darkening curtains. They'll prevent the sunlight from filtering through, which may aid with better sleep. Use outdoor curtains to create a private retreat or give yourself privacy from your neighbors when you have celebrations.

And if you want to quickly update the look of your living room, cover your furniture with beautiful new slipcovers. They're available in hundreds of styles, colors and fabrics for most types of seating. Choose microfiber, cotton, fleece, form-fitted slipcovers or casual covers that just lay over the sofa and can be removed by just pulling them off. Sofa slipcovers will keep your furniture protected from animal hair and messy guests and they're easy to install. Lastly, add throw pillows and blankets to brighten up your space. They come in different sizes and colors to match any decor. Plus, it's good to have blankets on hand for those cold, rainy and snowy days. Just imagine wrapping a heated throw blanket around yourself. Can you feel the warmth and relaxation?

Finally, you may have many electronics that need to be charged on a daily basis. Consider using a multiple-port USB wall charger. You can charge a smartphone or tablet (Apple and Android) for everyone in your home. You can also charge portable speakers, wireless headphones, and more. And speaking of speakers. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to your favorite music without worrying about your speaker getting wet. The built-in microphone and receiver lets you answer calls without accessing your phone. The connectivity range is up to 32 feet. Get it & go (anywhere), even if it's just outside to sit on your deck or patio or by the pool. And keep some games on hand because you can play them when guests come over. Fun!

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