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Outdoor Halloween Decorations

  • Male & Female Zombie...

    Male & Female Zombie Animated Halloween Props

  • Pre Lit Japanese...

    Pre Lit Japanese Lantern Foliage Collection

  • Battery Operated...

    Battery Operated Starlight Spheres

  • 3' Lighted Color...

    3' Lighted Color Changing Black Halloween Garland

  • Pumpkin Outline Path...

    Pumpkin Outline Path Lights Outdoor Halloween Decoration

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  • Witch Legs with...

    Witch Legs with Cauldron Outdoor Halloween Decoration

  • Grapevine Witches...

    Grapevine Witches Broom Stakes Outdoor Halloween Decoration

  • Lighted Rattling...

    Lighted Rattling Skeleton Bones Halloween Decoration

  • Stop in for a Spell...

    Stop in for a Spell Halloween Door Mat

  • Peanuts Gang in...

    Peanuts Gang in Halloween Costumes Yard Decor

  • Personalized Holiday...

    Personalized Holiday Laser Light Projector

  • Spooky Halloween...

    Spooky Halloween Door Mats


Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Are you making a Halloween graveyard? If so, you'll need outdoor Halloween decorations to create a scary scene. For instance, you may want to include a frightening pair of zombie animated Halloween props. Both zombies have realistic facial features and make creepy sounds that will scare the heck out of would-be intruders. The male zombie jerks his arms up and down as if he's trying to walk your way. The female zombie's eyes light up red, and she turns her head from side to side. Both zombies have posable arms so you can turn them any way you want. If you're having a Halloween party, put the pair in your entryway for Halloween, and anyone walking by will get the scare of their life!

Then again, the witch may be your favorite Halloween character. And if she is, you'll love our animated lunging haggard witch Halloween decoration that stands 6½ feet tall and is super-witchy all around. She has a rubber face, plastic hands and stick, and a metal frame as a base. Plug her in, and her eyes flash, her mouth moves as she speaks four different sayings: "Well, hello! You don't happen to have some candy for a sweet little old lady, do you? Give it to me! You're too quick for me! But I'll get it next time!" "Do you not fear ugly witches? Perhaps you should, because one poisonous touch from me will wither your soul. Gotcha! Ah! You escaped my grasp, for now." "Excuse me? Can you help a sweet old lady find her cauldron? I can't find it anywhere. I gotcha! If you weren't so fast, you'd be in my cauldron right now." "Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, I will turn you into a toad. Abracadabra! Drat! Judging by the speed, you jumped back; perhaps you are part toad already." Her tattered outfit is made of heavy fabric material, and she has stringy grey hair for the full witchy effect. And by the way, read our Halloween decorations for adults blog for even more ideas.

But don't forget to decorate your yard. Add some Halloween fun to your hedges with haunted hedge eyes. Each pair of sinister eyes is connected to a sound-activated, battery-powered shaker unit. When someone comes near, the haunted hedge eyes light up, growling sounds begin, and the bush even starts to shake! Each pair of eyes attaches easily to shrub branches with the included twist ties. Of course, you could attach them to an indoor plant. Whatever you decide, the lighted Halloween eyes look as if there's a monster peering out from the bush. Wicked!

However, if these outdoor Halloween decorations are too scary for you, don’t worry. We have Halloween yard decorations that are too cute to spook like the Peanuts Gang Halloween yard décor. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" TV show. The Halloween outdoor décor features Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Linus in the pumpkin patch. The hammered metal Halloween sign is accented with glitter for a sparkly look. It's suitable for indoor use as it has easel backs. Of course, you can place it in your front yard with the ground stakes. Despite the disappointment in never seeing the Great Pumpkin, the gang looks cheerful hanging out with the big orange pumpkins. You may want to pair this with the Peanuts Gang in costumes Halloween yard décor. Both will make a wonderful addition to your kids outdoor Halloween party décor.

And lastly, please don't be left out in the dark. Use a super bright pumpkin lights outdoor Halloween decoration because they're a great lighting solution so trick-or-treaters can find their way to your door. You can attach several sets with the stack plug. A control box allows you to set the lights to slow, chasing, or steady. These lighted pumpkin outlines will look great in your window or as a window box filler, too. And, read our lighting ideas for Halloween decorations blog post for more lighting ideas!

Whether you prefer a cute and elegant Halloween or one that gives you chills and thrills, you'll find everything you need in our unique selection of Halloween decorations. But it all boils down to this: Halloween comes and goes quickly, and so will our decorations. So, get them while you can!

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