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Halloween Zombies

  • Male & Female Zombie...

    Male & Female Zombie Animated Halloween Props

  • 5' Crawling Zombie...

    5' Crawling Zombie Outdoor Halloween Decoration

  • Animated Pop-Up...

    Animated Pop-Up Zombie Arm

Halloween Zombies

Zombies, zombies! They seem to be everywhere these days, from books to TV shows, movies, and more, these gruesome creatures can pop up any moment. And if you're a fan of these undeadly creations, why not take your Halloween display to the next level with these creepy creatures? After all, these gnarly Halloween decorations are used to being seen!

One of our most popular Halloween decorations is our male and female zombie animated Halloween props. Both have realistic facial features and make creepy sounds that will scare the heck out of would-be intruders. The man jerks his arms up and down as if he's trying to walk your way. The woman's eyes light up red, and she turns her head side to side. The Halloween zombie couple have posable arms so that you can turn them any way you want. If you're having a , put the couple in your entryway for Halloween, and anyone walking by will get the scare of their life. You could even place the zombies in your Halloween graveyard.

Now that you have your zombie Halloween decorations, carve out some times to plan the rest of your with our animated Halloween props. We have witches, inflatables, trees, and more. Pick your poison, and you could create a haunted house to die for. Furthermore, if you want to wear a zombie costume for Halloween, check out our easy zombie makeup tutorial. Just don't get scared when you look in the mirror!

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