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Halloween Zombies

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    Male & Female Zombie Animated Halloween Props

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    Animated Pop-Up Zombie Arm

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    5' Crawling Zombie Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Halloween Zombies

Take your Halloween decorations to the next level with frightening male and female zombies. Both of these outdoor Halloween decorations have realistic facial features and make creepy sounds that will scare the heck out of would-be intruders. The male zombie jerks his arms up and down as if he's trying to walk your way. The female zombie's eyes light up red, and she turns her head from side to side. Both zombies have posable arms so you can turn them any way you want. If you're having a Halloween party, put the zombie couple in your entryway, and anyone walking by will get the scare of their life!

And if you like zombies, you'll love this gruesome 5' crawling zombie Halloween decoration. He looks like he's crawling out of the ground with his gauze clothing. This sound-activated animated zombie makes groaning and growling sounds as his eyes flash, hands grab, and body squirms. Nearly life-size makes this zombie Halloween decoration a terrifying and gruesome sight. Put the crawling zombie in your Halloween graveyard, and trick-or-treaters, or anyone else for that matter, won't want to stick around to see if he grabs them

But why stop there? You can add even more creepiness to your Halloween with a zombie arm holding a pumpkin lantern. This outdoor Halloween decoration will do the trick because it looks as if a zombie is reaching from the grave to hand you a gleeful jack-o'-lantern. Use the three attached stakes to stick it in the ground or an urn filler – place it by your exterior entryway. Turn on the lantern, and both the zombie arm and pumpkin light up red! The zombie arm is a simple concept with a big impact.

And if that's not enough, a set of three creepy zombie arms look as if they're breaking out of your yard so they can grab anyone who gets in their way. Each pair of bendable arms (pose them any way you want) features a different color tattered sleeve. Each zombie arm has a stake so you can set them up in your grass or even a window box. Group the three pairs together in your yard or scatter them in your Halloween graveyard, for an eerie effect.

Complete your gruesome display with a 5' animated pirate zombie Halloween decoration that came straight off a ghost ship in the Caribbean just to be in your Halloween display. His flashing red LED eyes and eye patch light up; his clothing looks more like burial shrouds, and his long black grey hair adds to his sinister style. The loop at the top makes hanging him outdoors from a tree branch or hook (covered porch) easy. Of course, you could hang him inside your entryway. Pose his arms to look as if they're reaching out to trick-or-treaters.

Carve out some good times at your Halloween party with our animated Halloween props! We have witches, zombies, a butler who's past his retirement, laser projectors, and more. Pick your poison, and you could create a haunted house to die for. Furthermore, if you want to dress up as a zombie for Halloween, check out our easy zombie makeup tutorial!

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