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Halloween Props

  • Male & Female Zombie...

    Male & Female Zombie Animated Halloween Props

  • Lighted Halloween...

    Lighted Halloween Lantern with Witch

  • Spooky Spider...

    Spooky Spider Halloween Lantern

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    Lighted Rattling Skeleton Bones Halloween Decoration

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    John Doe Animated Rising Body

  • Personalized Holiday...

    Personalized Holiday Laser Light Projector

Halloween Props

At Improvements, we offer a wide variety of Halloween props because some of our customers prefer a Halloween that's on the sweeter side vs. tricky side. Let's explore some of these hauntingly good items.

Take a floating Halloween candle set,for example. It appears to levitate in mid-air! These floating candles can be hung with the included fishing wire or displayed using your candle holders. Each candle features an on/off switch and takes button batteries. Imagine how they'll look to trick-or-treaters or guests at your Halloween party. And if you think these candles look like a Halloween prop out of a wizard movie, your eyes could be playing tricks on you!

Next up, is a John Doe Halloween prop - he's an animated rising body that will make a great addition to your haunted house. He's covered with a sheet with bare feet sticking out (complete with a toe tag that's customizable) and frightening enough just as a dead body. But when he slowly begins to sit up and make scary sounds, he's one Halloween decoration that will add new life to your party! Keep in mind that John Doe is sound activated, so you'll need to shout, stomp your foot, or clap your hands to get him to move.

Of course, you'll need Halloween lights. Consider a pre-lit spooky tree Halloween decoration that has glittering branches thanks to 70 mini orange lights. The tree also has a half dozen felt bats scattered throughout it. The spooky tree features a coated metal frame for long-lasting durability so that you can put it in your yard with the metal stakes. You may also place it on your covered porch to add some spooky light as long as you can plug the tree into an outlet; it has a 30" black leader wire. Of course, you could use it as Halloween prop in your graveyard for an added touch of eerie ambiance.

And, of course, you can’t celebrate Halloween without pumpkins. Get a fogging pumpkin stack that lights up, makes spooky sounds (control the laughing volume with volume control), and emits fog out of the eyes, nose, and smile will do the trick. To achieve this creepiness, use a water-based 1000 watt fog machine. Ours includes a wired remote so you can use it from a distance. You may also want to use Halloween and party fog juice, sold separately. It's a premium-grade, water-based, non-toxic formula and provides dense, unscented, long-lasting fog. You can use it in any high-quality, water-based fog machine. Whether or not you use fog, the fogging pumpkin stack makes a scary presence.

Keep in mind that we have animated Halloween props from zombies (check out our easy zombie makeup tutorial), to witches, laser projectors, and more. So stop into our Halloween props for a spell and see what strikes your fancy. But let us warn you: like Halloween, they won't last forever. Get them while you can!

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