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Animated Halloween Props

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Animated Halloween Props

Visit our Halloween decorations selection, and within it, you'll find Halloween props like our super-tall lunging haggard Halloween witch. Plug her in, and this 6½ foot tall witch's eyes flash, her mouth moves as she recites four different sayings, and she lunges in your direction! For instance, if you're passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, you may use, "Well, hello! You don't happen to have some candy for a sweet little old lady, do you? Give it to me! You're too quick for me! But I'll get it next time!" If you're having a Halloween party, you may want to put her by the food and use the saying, "Excuse me? Can you help a sweet old lady find her cauldron? I can't find it anywhere. I gotcha! If you weren't so fast, you'd be in my cauldron right now." Her tattered outfit is made of heavy fabric material, and she has stringy grey hair for the full witchy effect. She's an animated Halloween prop that can be used in your haunted house!

You know that you can't have Halloween without zombies, right? After all, these grave-rising animated Halloween props are very popular in TV shows, movies, and novels. And we have a great selection of them. For instance, our creepy animated zombie outdoor Halloween decoration is sound activated with outstretched arms that beckon you as he turns his head, flashes his eyes, and makes moaning sounds. His bloody skull and tattered fabric overcoat provide even more effect. He'll look unsightly in your homemade Halloween graveyard. Place him in the front or the middle of the yard or wherever you think he'll make the biggest impact!

Instead of greeting your Halloween party guests or trick-or-treaters, let our sound-activated animated butler Halloween decoration get the door. Of course, he looks like he's way past retirement, but is eager to serve. While his head is turning and his eyes are flashing, he mutters four different sayings:

  • "Greetings! We've been expecting you."
  • "Your time has come."
  • "Now, there is no turning back."
  • "We've prepared a special place for you."
Clenched in his hand is a battery-operated candle with a flickering flame. He also features hands and shoes, poseable arms, and ratty material clothing and legs. This animated butler Halloween decoration includes a plastic stand, so you can put him inside your entryway or outside on a covered porch.

If you prefer a Halloween that's not-so-scary, a flying witch with cat lightshow projector will do the trick. Green witches fly through the air with a little cat on the back of the broomstick. Images float around and criss-cross to put on a delightful light show. Since the light projector has a 6' cord, you can position it where you want. Place it 10'-15' from your house for a real light show!

Search our animated Halloween props and choose the decorations that will make your Halloween as sweet as a treat. Or as terrifying as a trick!

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