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Animated Halloween Props

  • Lighted Animated...

    Lighted Animated Spooky Tree Halloween Decoration

  • 5-1/2' Animated ...

    5-1/2' Animated Halloween Witch with Broom

  • Male & Female Zombie...

    Male & Female Zombie Animated Halloween Props

  • 5' Crawling Zombie...

    5' Crawling Zombie Outdoor Halloween Decoration

  • Personalized Holiday...

    Personalized Holiday Laser Light Projector

  • Virtual Holiday...

    Virtual Holiday Projector Kit

  • Animated Pop-Up...

    Animated Pop-Up Zombie Arm

Animated Halloween Props

Visit our Halloween decorations selection, and within it, you'll find a great selection of animated Halloween props. From a cackling, creepy witch to a detached zombie hand to a spooktacular tree full of fright, we have plenty of animated props and regular Halloween props that can be used in your haunted house!

Search our animated Halloween props and choose the decorations that will make your Halloween as sweet as a treat. Or as terrifying as a trick!

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