Halloween Decor


Halloween Decor

At Improvements, we turned up the chills and thrills of our Halloween decor. But be careful as you lurk around because you don't know what or who you'll bump into. For instance, you may encounter animated Halloween props like Halloween zombies. You know what that means, don't you? You can create your own graveyard and place a grave rising zombie in it along with creepy zombie arms that stick out of the ground. And if you're a fan of pirates, hang the animated pirate zombie Halloween decoration from a tree branch. You could also hang a DIY hanging ghost from another tree branch. Anyone who dares to approach may wish they hadn't.

If zombies aren't your thing, no problem. We have other Halloween props like cackling Halloween witches. One of which (get it) is a wicked witch fortune teller. But your future may look grim, so you may not want to hear what she has to tell you.

To keep spooky intruders away from your door, place another animated standing Halloween witch outside of your door. When people hear the sound of her voice, they'll turn around immediately and run as fast as they can to avoid her lunge.

Set the spooky mood with Halloween lights! For instance, a hanging flame light gives the impression of an endless flame in a bowl. The two orange halogen bulbs creates a realistic look. The 2-piece, 3D silk "flames" blow up thanks to an internal fan. Remove the fan and use this cauldron as a tabletop Halloween decoration.

Use Halloween pumpkins, perhaps a fogging pumpkin stack and pumpkin porch light cover to add a spooky ambiance. Of course, as your Halloween party guests approach your entryway, they may be tempted to turn around and run away instead of joining the fun-filled festivities.

But make no bones about it; you can decorate your fireplace mantel for Halloween. Start with Halloween skeletons like a creepy skull and bones Halloween wreath and hang it on the wall. Drape the top of your mantel with lighted color-changing black Halloween garland. Fill an garden planter with skeleton bones and place it by your fireplace. Place a shaking skeleton in a cage on a table. To complete the look, hang an animated ghost from the ceiling that moves up and down and makes ghostly sounds along with a shaking spider.

And, Halloween door decorations can take your door from dreadfully drab to frighteningly fabulous in no time. For example, a lighted eyeball Halloween wreath will watch your every move. Three large eyes with a green iris and red veins light up with multiple flashing/pulsating lights. Three medium eyes, with a blue iris, light up with multiple flashing/pulsating lights. And three smaller eyes, with a blue iris, add the final touch of creepiness. Use this eye-catching wreath indoors or on a covered porch!

In fact, you can take your party to the next level with Halloween party decorations such as a fire and ice Halloween light show. The LED spotlight casts dancing flames indoors or out to bring your Halloween decorations to life. Red and gold lights are projected through a crystalline prism to create a fire and ice effect. Shine the LED spotlight on your Halloween decorations that are sitting on the mantel to make the display the centerpiece of your room. This spotlight is sure to stun and stop trick-or-treaters in their tracks!

Speaking of a Halloween party, you'll want to create an entrance that your guests will die for. Start with Halloween window decorations like a retro, flickering Light Glo BEWARE Halloween sign. Outside your door, place an animated butler who can greet your guests. Even though he looks like he's past retirement, he's ready to serve. You can also add Halloween decor like Halloween trees, specifically a pre-lit spooky tree that has bats scattered through it.

Now, some of our Halloween outdoor decorations are too cute to spook like the Peanuts outdoor Halloween decoration that shows the gang on their way to go trick-or-treating, wearing cute costumes. You can celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" TV show. This Halloween outdoor decoration features Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Linus in the pumpkin patch. The hammered metal Halloween yard sign is accented with glitter for a sparkly look. It's suitable for indoor use as it has easel backs. Of course, you can place it in your front yard with the ground stakes. Despite the disappointment in never seeing the Great Pumpkin, the gang looks cheerful hanging out with the big orange pumpkins.

Improvements wants you to heed our warning: Halloween comes and goes quickly. And Sold Out will make you scream and cry. Check out our Halloween decor and select the decorations that speak to you. But act fast because like Halloween they will disappear, and you may never see them again.

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