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Kitchen - Glassware | Improvements Catalog
  • Personalized Home...

    Personalized Home Brew Can-Shaped Glasses-Set of 4

    Internet Only!
  • Host Freeze Cooling...

    Host Freeze Cooling Wine Glasses-Set of 2

  • Personalized Bedside...

    Personalized Bedside Water Carafe Set

  • Personalized...

    Personalized Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes

    Internet Only!
  • Personalized Wedding...

    Personalized Wedding Day Mason Jar Sand Ceremony Set

    Internet Only!
  • Personalized Craft...

    Personalized Craft Beer Glassware Set-5-PC

    Internet Only!
  • Personalized Craft...

    Personalized Craft Brew Can-Shaped Glasses-Set of 4

    Internet Only!
  • Personalized Tipsy...

    Personalized Tipsy Wine Glasses-Set of 4

    Internet Only!
  • Personalized Pilsner...

    Personalized Pilsner Glasses-Set of 4

  • Personalized All...

    Personalized All-Purpose Glass Pitcher

  • Personalized Rock...

    Personalized Rock Glasses-Set of 4

  • Personalized Island...

    Personalized Island Shooter Glasses-Set of 4

  • Personalized Glass...

    Personalized Glass Coasters

  • Personalized...

    Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses-Set of 4

  • Home State Glass...

    Home State Glass Coasters-Set of 4

  • Personalized...

    Personalized Drinking Jars-Set of 4

  • Personalized...

    Personalized Stemless Champagne Flutes-Set of 4


At Improvements you'll find the proper glassware to keep the drinks flowing at your next party. First, make sure to have plenty of wine glasses and beer glasses on hand, as these tend to be the most popular drinks at any given party. You should also have bar glasses like tumblers, rocks glasses, and martini glasses for guests that prefer mixed drinks. For a fancy or celebratory affair, champagne flutes are a must for toasting. Shot glasses aren't essential for every party, but might come in handy during a big game or celebration. Finally, make sure your beer and wine are properly served with our selection of growler sets, decanters, and pitchers.

If you are looking for gift ideas, we have several personalized glassware items like personalized craft beer glasses shaped like cans for your beer-drinking buddy and personalized stemware for your wine-loving friend. And perfect for a relocated friend or family member, home state glass coasters let you show your hometown pride wherever you are.


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