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At Improvements, we love the versatility of dog crate pads and dog mats.

Washable dog mats can fit right into a dog crate, giving your dog a warm, comfy surface to sleep on. Put another dog mat outside of the crate to provide a second place for your dog to hang out. Dog mats are ideal for dogs who love to sit in a window-seat, near a floor heater, or on the carpet in a child's bedroom. These dog crate pads and dog mats are machine-washable, so they stay clean and can help reduce dog hair. Often, the best dog mats for older dogs are thick, orthopedic pads that allow their joints to rest. And did you know that you can bring your dog's mat to the kennel to keep her company when you go on vacation? She'll be able to sleep in her own familiar spot, even away from home.

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