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Dog Crate Covers

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Dog Crate Covers

Dog Crate Covers - Improvements Catalog
  • Molly Mutt Crate...

    Molly Mutt Crate Covers-Wild Horses Tan

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  • Molly Mutt Crate...

    Molly Mutt Crate Covers-Landslide Chocolate

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  • Molly Mutt Crate...

    Molly Mutt Crate Covers-Title Track Green/White

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  • Molly Mutt Crate...

    Molly Mutt Crate Covers-Nightswimming Blue

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Some dogs crave coziness.

That's why dog crate covers are a terrific solution for nervous dogs, elderly dogs, or dogs who live in busy households (and aren't all our households busy?). Washable dog crate covers secure over the top and have four sides that can be raised and lowered. Raise the sides during the day or when your pet is calm. At night, or when your dog is nervous or agitated, lower all the sides of the dog crate cover to create a cozy, darkened dog house. Choose a cabana-style dog crate cover, with covered corners and raise-and-lower windows, or a paneled dog crate cover, with sides that roll up entirely. Because both these styles are washable dog crate covers, you can always keep yours clean and fresh. We offer many colors and styles of crate covers, so there's one to match any décor. And you'll even find coordinated washable dog crate covers and dog crate cushions for a homey, unified look.

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