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Dog sweaters keep dogs warm and cozy, plus they look adorable! Wearing a dog coat is a good idea for older dogs during super cold weather, but dog coats are versatile enough to use almost any time your dog is going outside when there's a bit of a chill.

At Improvements, we have a wide variety of dog clothes, from National-Park themed washable dog coats to dog rain coats with hoodies. Our National Park Collections has nearly a dozen different sets of dog accessories, including dog collars, leashes, beds, food bowls, and dog sweaters. All these dog accessories coordinate, and each one has a colorful stripe design that pays homage to one of our nation's National Parks. The dog coat in this set comes in five sizes, from sweaters for extra-small dogs to sweaters for extra-large breeds. You can also find a collection of hand-made dog sweaters at Improvements. These beautifully knit dog coats are warm and very unique, perfect for your very special pet. Most of our dog sweaters are machine washable, so even if your walk includes a side trip to a puddle, we've got your dog's back covered!

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