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    Metal Christmas Stocking Stand

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    Wellesley Gift Wrap Station

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    Twist & Seal Mini Cord Protector-Set of 2

  • Garland Hangers

    Garland Hangers

Holiday Helpers

Everyone knows how important attention to detail is during the holiday season. Whether it's your Christmas tree, your outdoor Christmas decor, or your Christmas mantel , we know you want each and every inch of your home to look just perfect. Handy holiday helpers will make decorating easier and more enjoyable. Use a wreath hanger to make sure your Christmas wreath sits on your door just right. A decorative wreath hanger can even add a little extra pizzazz at the top of your wreath.

Enlist the help of garland hangers to make decorating easier and to make your garland look like it was done by a professional. And if you choose to line your bannister with garland, be sure to use garland ties to protect the railing and keep your garland in place.

And once your Christmas decorating is done, you probably don't want to worry about turning your Christmas lights on and off each night. Choose an outdoor timerthat holds multiple cords and lets you set your daily on and off times. Now all you have left to worry about is enjoying time with family and friends, and that's not such a bad thing, right?

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