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Step Ladders & Step Stools

Was there ever a time that you needed to get something off of the top shelf of your bedroom closet or kitchen cupboard and you wished that you had the help of a step ladder or a step stool? Well you don't have to drag an ugly ladder out of the garage every time you need to reach a little higher if you have one of these attractive step stools that are not only functional, but also fit in with your home décor. Improvements has a variety of step stools that can help you reach what you need. For example, instead of using a metal or plastic step stool, you may prefer the Lowell 3-Step Folding Stool. It's made from wood and is just as functional, but much more attractive. The step stool folds up flat so it can be stored next to a refrigerator or under the bed when not in use.

If you live in an apartment and don't have a lot of storage space (or even a garage), but you still need a step stool, the classic Library Ladder Chair gives you both a chair and a stepladder in one traditional design. It's based on a design by Benjamin Franklin, who knew the value of reaching for a good book as well as sitting down to read it. This multi-functional library chair converts with one flip to a convenient stepladder. We love it as a kitchen desk chair, since you'll always have a kitchen stepladder exactly where you need it, hidden in plain sight!

Our lightweight, classic Step Stool is easy to move and easy to store. It's one of the lightest stepladders you'll find, yet amazingly sturdy. Crafted of industrial grade aircraft aluminum, the step stool has rubber feet and a top safety bar for added stability. Choose from 2-, 3- and 4-step sizes; each weighs under 8 lbs. but can support up to 225 lbs. The Step Stool folds for easy storage and carrying.

Imagine a folding step stool that locks in place for added security and then folds down to the width of a broom for easy storage. Our turtle folding stools allow you to reach the top cupboard, then fold and store in less than 2" of space. Our turtle folding stools are available in a 12"-height so you can easily change light bulbs or fix curtains. They hold up to 300 lbs. and include a molded-in hand-hold.

The Mini Step Stool tucks neatly away, yet is ready to use in an instant. Sturdy, handy, and simple to use, this lightweight metal-platform stool locks securely into place, collapses easily, and folds flat for storage. It has a hinged lock with release button to provide added safety.

As you can see, step stools come in a variety of styles and shapes so you're sure to find one that will suit your needs. At Improvements, we have step ladders and step stools that can help you reach that top shelf in your closet, safely clean your bedroom windows, or hang new curtains. Whatever solution you choose; it should be durable for your safety and suit your needs.

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