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Jewelry Armoires

  • Cheval Mirror...

    Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire

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  • Cynthia Deluxe Over...

    Cynthia Deluxe Over the Door Jewelry Cabinet with Full Length Mirror

  • Cynthia Over the...

    Cynthia Over the Door Jewelry Cabinet with Full Length Mirror

  • Mirrored Wall-Mount...

    Mirrored Wall-Mount Jewelry Cabinet

  • 42" Over-the-Door...

    42" Over-the-Door Mirror Jewelry Armoire

  • Easel Jewelry Mirror

    Easel Jewelry Mirror

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  • Classic Queen Anne...

    Classic Queen Anne Jewelry Armoire

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  • Woodland Cherry...

    Woodland Cherry Jewelry Armoire

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  • Burnished Oak...

    Burnished Oak Jewelry Armoire

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  • Woodland Oak Jewelry...

    Woodland Oak Jewelry Armoire

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  • Kristina 5 Drawer...

    Kristina 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire

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  • Lynette 5 Drawer...

    Lynette 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire

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  • Cassandra 6 Drawer...

    Cassandra 6 Drawer Jewelry Armoire

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  • Classic Cherry...

    Classic Cherry Jewelry Armoire

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  • LED Lighted Jewelry...

    LED Lighted Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

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  • Wall Jewelry Armoire

    Wall Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoires

Eventually, your jewelry collection will outgrow a jewelry box and it'll be time to upgrade to the next level of jewelry storage – a jewelry armoire. Not only do they keep your jewelry safe and untangled, they also double as beautiful furniture pieces that will enhance your home décor. Some jewelry armoires are quite large and can become a focal point in your bedroom. If you have a small room, yet still need a place to store copious amounts of jewelry, an over-the-door jewelry cabinet is just what you need. The Cynthia-Over-the Door Jewelry Cabinet can store over 200 pieces of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, glasses, and more. It has a full-length mirror that lets you check out how stunning you look; there's also a small mirror inside so you can see the details on your smaller pieces of jewelry. The Cynthia-Over-the-Door Jewelry Cabinet includes a hidden compartment for cash or valuables and a locking mechanism with 2 keys for added security. This jewelry armoire is a space-saving alternative to a standing jewelry cabinet and is ideal when you have a small space like an apartment with limited storage.

The Victoria 7 Drawer Jewelry Armoire has an elegant presence and enough room to store all your jewelry. It features a flip top with inset mirror which opens to reveal felt-lined divided compartments and 2 ring pads. The side swing doors open to reveal 2 rows of 3 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, helping them stay in view and avoid tangling. The jewelry armoire is lined in black felt for a sumptuous look and to help prevent scratching. This attractive armoire has a side lock that locks all the drawers together for security and peace of mind.

Some jewelry armoires don't even look like traditional jewelry storage cabinets at all. The Cheval Free-Standing Mirror Jewelry Armoires are full-length, adjustable mirrors that open to reveal deep, luxurious lined jewelry storage compartments. They're a convenient way to organize rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and accessories, so you can easily keep track of what jewelry you have. Choose Black or Walnut finish to match your home décor.

If you've misplaced your favorite piece of jewelry, you know how it feels when it takes you hours or even days to find it. Storing your jewelry in a jewelry armoire can solve this problem! Plus, you'll no longer have to search through multiple small jewelry boxes just to locate that one necklace that you want to wear. Improvements has a variety of jewelry armoires, one of which will meet your jewelry storage needs, no matter if you have a large bedroom or a small apartment.

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