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Bedroom Mirrors

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Bedroom Mirrors

Bedroom mirrors can be a fun part of your bedroom's design. If you place a bedroom mirror in a strategic spot like across from a window, they will give the illusion that your bedroom is larger than it actually is. Not only can they brighten your bedroom, but they give you the opportunity to give yourself a 'once over' before you rush out the door. For instance, you can see yourself from all angles with our Over-The-Door Triple View Mirror. This optical mirror gives you 3 times the point-of-view of you! This over the door mirror is perfect for apartments since you won't have to hammer any nails into the wall - it just hangs over a bathroom door or closet door. When not using the triple view, just fold both sides in and you have yourself a traditional full-length mirror. It's available in three finishes to match your style and color scheme.

The Frameless Tri-fold Mirror will be a lovely addition to your dressing table or vanity top. The 3-panel mirror can be positioned in many ways. The plastic feet on the bottom of the mirror prevent scratching. The frameless tri-fold mirror can also be hung on the wall with the attached D-rings.

The Joplin Leaning Mirror is a full-length, windowpane mirror with decorative flair. This striking mirror has the designer look of a reclaimed windowpane. Hang this stylish mirror horizontally or vertically, or lean it against a wall for an eclectic look. The Joplin Leaning Mirror has a reclaimed-antique look and is useful for reflecting light into a room. Place this mirror anywhere in your bedroom to check your reflection and enjoy the art.

If you have a small bedroom or apartment and are looking for multi-functional furniture pieces, an over-the-door jewelry armoire is just what you need. You can store accessories, jewelry and more in the armoire and when it's closed, you can use the full-length mirror to get ready to go out. And since it hangs over the door, it won't take up any space on your dresser. This jewelry armoire fits on doors up to 1-1/2" thick. Its black felt-lined interior has storage space for up to 24 necklaces and bracelets and 50 pairs of earrings. The Mirrored Over-Door Jewelry Armoire also has compression folds for up to 84 rings and 3 compartmentalized trays for storing additional accessories.

The Montrose Oval Mirror is a generously sized, dramatic wall mirror that will make a dramatic statement in any bedroom. This deeply beveled mirror is framed in a distressed mahogany wood tone with antiqued silver details. The Montrose Oval Mirror is finished with a dark gray glaze, adding a look of patina to the mirror's elegant frame.

Elevate your bedroom's style with a bedroom mirror from Improvements. They're a great way to bring light into your room and, if yours is on the smaller size, it can open up the space. Adding a mirror to your home décor can help create the right look and feel you want for your bedroom.

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