Why Choose Eucalyptus Wood Patio Furniture

Eucalyptus outdoor furniture

Wood patio furniture has a warm and welcoming look. Wooden outdoor furniture looks right at home in nature, making it the first choice by many people looking to furnish their patio, deck, or porch. But did you know that not all outdoor wood furniture is the same? A number of different types of wood are used to create patio chairs, outdoor couches, and patio tables. At Improvements, we offer a variety of eucalyptus outdoor furniture. Why choose eucalyptus? Here are a number of very good reasons to choose eucalyptus furniture for your patio.

Top Reasons to Choose Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Furniture

Wood Density

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Eucalyptus is a particularly dense hardwood. Density is important when choosing outdoor furniture because porous (non-dense) wood will absorb rain and dew, which is what causes wood to warp. Because eucalyptus is so dense, it does not warp like porous wood does. So eucalyptus wood can withstand weather while keeping its shape and strength.

Wood Strength

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Eucalyptus is a very hard wood and very strong. Eucalyptus patio chairs and outdoor sofas can support you and your guests for seasons to come.

Wood Resistance

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Did you know that eucalyptus has natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties? That means it’s very good at resisting decay and rot. Those are two qualities that are very important in patio furniture that will be outside night after night, year after year. Eucalyptus is also resistant to water. This is not only because it’s so dense, but also because it has natural oils that help repel water.

Wood Maintenance

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Eucalyptus outdoor furniture doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Wipe it to remove dust and, if you wish, oil the eucalyptus from time to time so it maintains its color. For more information on how to care for your wood patio furniture, see our article Easy Steps to Clean & Maintain Beautiful Outdoor Furniture.

Wood Color

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Oiling eucalyptus wood patio furniture helps keep it its original brown color longer, but over time eucalyptus naturally fades to a beautiful silver. Aged eucalyptus is legendary for its elegance. We recommend you store eucalyptus in a covered area or with a patio furniture cover over the winter, so it will last even longer.

Wood Sustainability

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Eucalyptus trees grow far more quickly than many other hardwoods. This relatively rapid growth means that eucalyptus is a good ecological, sustainable choice because it’s a renewable resource.

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2 comments on “Why Choose Eucalyptus Wood Patio Furniture
  1. Dick Lantier says:

    Do you offer any dining chairs for fatties with at least 350# weight capacity

    • Rachel DeFelice says:

      Most of our outdoor dining seating is at a 200 to 250 wt cap unless it’s a bench that would accommodate 2 to 3 adults at or close to that weight.

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