Winter Wonderland Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Creating a Winter Wonderland outdoor Christmas theme will look beautiful in your yard, regardless if you live in an area that gets snow during the holidays or if you live in a dry and warm location. To begin your Winter Wonderland Christmas theme, you’ll want to get several packs of white LED Christmas lights to cover just about everything you can find in your yard. And when you’re done with the lights, that’s when the real fun begins…

The More Outdoor Christmas Lights, the Better

Before you purchase all of the white outdoor Christmas lights that you’re going to use for your display, you need to know that there are different shades of “white” Christmas lights available. We’ve put together a handy article Bright vs Warm LED Christmas Lights to help you decide which color of white lights you prefer.

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Now that you’re ready to create your Winter Wonderland, start with hanging outdoor Christmas lights around the eaves and windows on the house and then move out to the yard. Stake some bright White Christmas Lawn Lights into the ground all over your yard to completely cover every bit of the surface. Cover your bushes and shrubs with White Christmas Net Lights and if you have trees in your yard, wrap some white outdoor Christmas lights around the trunk of the tree and around all of the windows and doors of your house. Hang Snowflake Icicle Lights from the peaks and eaves of your home to create a winter effect.

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On the tree branches, hang white lighted outdoor ornaments that will post randomly giving a firefly effect. You can also hang them off window sills, on bushes or even on your existing Christmas yard decor. Sprinkle some LED Starbursts and Moravian Star outdoor Christmas decorations throughout your display – hang them on trees, from the eaves or along a porch railing to enhance your Winter Wonderland display.

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For a true Winter Wonderland effect, stake Lighted Snowflakes along the walkway and all throughout your yard, in between your larger outdoor Christmas decorations. You can also hang them on your windows, which should be outlined in white outdoor Christmas lights. Cover any lamp posts with a cute Snowman Lamppost Cover that easily snaps right over your existing light. You can either place some bright white lamp posts along the walkway or stand them on a porch to create a winter wonderland by your front door. These outdoor Christmas decorations stand 4-ft tall and come with a red satin bow that’s easy to shape. On your front door, hang some lighted mittens that have snowy branches, pinecones and 15 warm white LED lights sticking out of the top. A timer function allows you to easily turn on the lights when you want and, since it’s battery-operated, there’s no annoying cord draping down your front door.

What’s a Winter Wonderland Without Animals?

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Looking like they just came down from the North Pole, a family of cuddly-looking beautiful polar bears will add some fun to your Winter Wonderland display. The polar bear family has crystal beading on the soft, weather-resistant tinsel fabric that gives them icy sparkle day and night. The polar bears are lit up by bright, white mini lights and each is outfitted with a Santa cap and removable glitter fabric scarf.

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There’s always one in the family! This hip-looking Polar Bear went off on his own, grabbed a saucer sled and goggles and now he’s ready for some fun. Place this fun outdoor Christmas decoration by some trees or off on his own so he looks like he’s sledding through the winter wonderland and having a blast! His fuzzy exterior is lit from 50 white lights and his matching hat and scarf complete his “cool” look. Although you most likely wouldn’t find an adorable little puppy in a Winter Wonderland, this White Furry Dog Christmas Decoration will make a perfect addition to your display. If your Christmas yard display is large enough, place these huskies with gift-covered sleigh into your winter wonderland mix. Standing an impressive 10-ft long, these Huskies with Santa’s sled are poised to take off and deliver Christmas presents to all the boys and girls.

Don’t Forget the Trees

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Of course, you’re going to want some outdoor Christmas trees in your winter wonderland! Depending on the size of your yard, you’ll want to place 3 or 5 (choose an odd number) twinkling outdoor Christmas trees around your animals displays. The white outdoor trees stand over 5′ tall and are covered in a sturdy mesh and that appears to twinkle thanks to the 160 cool white LEDs that are on the tree. If you have a smaller yard or just want to use an outdoor Christmas tree as a focal point in your winter wonderland display, choose the 6-ft spiral outdoor Christmas tree that glows thanks to its impressive 360 white LEDs. You can bend the branches to achieve whatever look you want.

Create a Classic Winter Wonderland Display

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For a more classic-looking winter wonderland display, you’ll want to go all-out with the white Christmas lights (as described above), but your main characters will change. The focal point of your Christmas yard display will be a lighted sleigh packed full of presents, ready for delivery. The glittering sleigh measures almost 4-ft wide and covered in steady-burning incandescent lights to give it an enchanting appeal. The gift boxes are wrapped in a durable glittered mesh and its beautiful bows are topped with pinecones and berries.

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Surround the sleigh with elegant reindeer Christmas decorations that are covered in shimmering sequins and golden glitter so they’re just as beautiful during the day as they are at night. The buck stands 5-ft high and the doe is a little over 4-ft tall and both are poised to perfection. For a larger yard, add multiple reindeer and for a smaller space, place a family of reindeer by the sleigh whose glow fades from white to silver (or warm white to cool white). To complete your classic winter wonderland display, stand a large moose Christmas decoration near your sleigh display. This impressive outdoor Christmas decoration stands 4-ft tall and almost 5-ft wide and has large silver antlers to add to his regal appearance. Place the small baby moose next to him to complete the family.

Have you created your own Winter Wonderland display? If so, send us pictures, we’d love to share them!

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