What is Coir?

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What is coir fabric? A resilient, hard fiber found between the husk and outer shell of a coconut, coir is found in a wide range of products. From mulch blankets, fishnets, and rope to brushes, basket liners, brooms and door mats, manufacturers are experimenting with the wide array of benefits this natural fiber offers.

Coir Door Mats: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Extracted from the hairy husk of a coconut, coir, or coco coir peat exhibits a high level of lignin, making it one of the strongest natural fibers in existence. An extremely coarse and stiff fiber, coir effectively resists bacterial and fungal growth and defends against stress, water, and salt and poses great competition for peat in horticulture. Biodegradable, coir products implement and sustain the “go-green” movement for planet safety and longevity as they are created from a renewable source.

With the growing popularity of coir, a greater variety of household products are being created for the environmentally-conscious public. Coir door mats and rugs are a small, yet significant method of supporting a healthy environment. While they support the “go-green” movement, these coir rugs also offer benefits that give the product lasting success.

Top 5 benefits of using a coir door mat:

  1. Coir Door Mats Dry Quickly. Mildew won’t have a chance to form, relieving you from the worry of a rotting welcome mat. Your neighbors will thank you.
  2. Clean dirt and moisture from shoes. No longer do you have to worry about the kids scuffing your freshly cleaned floors.
  3. Water resistant. Without a soggy doormat or rug, you don’t have to worry about a moldy mess. Even better, coir door mats give protection against salt for those freezing winter months.
  4. Wash & vacuum easily. Clean-up is a cinch as the coarse coir fibers resist against dirt particles and react well to a mild soap.
  5. Coir door mats do not generate static electricity.

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