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If you love to garden, you probably wish you had a dedicated area where you could repot and prune plants, clean garden tools, and keep your gardening gear handy. We’ll show you how, in just a few steps, you can turn a side yard or empty area into a garden workspace.

  1. Create a Path. Whether the area is grassy or bare ground, you’ll want a walkway to take you back and forth to your work area. Having a path will help keep your boots and shoes clean while adding a charming design element to your yard. Keep in mind that straight paths have a formal appearance, while a curving walkway is more whimsical and casual in nature. You can install a permanent path by digging the area, filling the foundation with sand for drainage, and then laying down stone pavers, bricks, or flagstone. For a more informal path, you can create in just minutes, use stepping stones or portable walkways such as our Wood-Look Rubber Pathways or Wooden Walkways.
  2. Add a Potting Bench. Instead of kneeling on the ground to plant your baskets or pots with flowers, enjoy the comfort and convenience of a potting bench. You can create a potting bench from an old wooden table or dresser you picked up at a flea market, or you could even build one from wooden crates. Of course, the easiest solution is to buy a potting bench. Choose the right size for your area and needs. One with a sink is especially useful as it gives you a place to wash your tools, rinse vegetables, and clean your hands after a busy day gardening.
  3. Disguise Unsightly Views. An ugly air conditioner unit, a utility box, garbage cans, compost heaps…they can all detract from the beauty of your yard. For a quick and attractive fix, use an outdoor privacy screen. Designed especially to use in yards or on patios, privacy screens generally offer a variety of installation options, from freestanding on a hard surface to staking into the ground. Our selection includes lots of styles to complement your space, including natural or whitewash wood, bronzed metal, and carefree resin.
  4. Personalize Your Space! Adding some fun garden decor will make your workspace more enjoyable and inviting. Wind spinners, fountains, trellises, and birdbaths and are just some of the many choices you’ll find. Be sure to include an outdoor clock so you can keep track of the time as you work. Some clocks also have built-in temperature displays so you’ll know just how hot or cold it is! And since you may want to visit your workspace after the sun goes down, include some solar lights along the path for nighttime illumination. To add real character to your garden workspace, display a personalized garden sign to welcome you and your visitors to your sanctuary. We have a lot of delightful styles to choose from…some hang from a hook or can be set on a shelf; others stake into the ground.

As you can see from these gardening ideas, a garden workspace is not only convenient, it’s a place you’ll really dig all season long!

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