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A garage is usually more than where you park your car – it’s the largest storage area available. You might start out with just a couple of large boxes in the garage, but before you know it, your garage becomes a dumping ground for all sorts of random items. Don’t just turn off the light and run from your cluttered garage – reclaim that prime space with these simple garage storage ideas.

  1. Rack It Up. Piles of boxes and old folding tables on your garage floor make finding things difficult not to mention aggravating. The first step in taking control of the clutter is to set up a couple of 5-Shelf Heavy-Duty Storage Racks and pack them full of all of your garage items – don’t be nervous, each shelf holds up to 600 pounds! And, since each shelf is adjustable, it can hold all different sizes of bins and boxes. The garage storage racks are constructed of heavy-duty steel rods and have leveling feet on the corner posts so it’s ok if your garage floor isn’t level.
  2. Stack It Up! Everyone knows that recycling is an important way to help reduce waste and save energy, but having bins and trash bags full of recyclables can take up a lot of valuable space. A set of 3 Stackable Recycling Bins allows you to do your part in helping the environment while keeping all of your recycled items in one compact area. Each bin has a hinged cover to keep smells in and bees out. The recycling container’s cover stays open, hands-free, and the carrying handles make it easy to take to the curb or recycle center. These versatile containers can also be used for toys or dog food and depending on the configuration of your space you can line them up or stack them. Smart!
  3. Keep It Clean. Garage projects can get dirty, and the occasional vehicle oil leak can leave a greasy mess behind. A simple solution for keeping your garage floor clean is to install a Drymate Garage Floor Mat – no tools required. This durable floor mat is slip-resistant and stain-resistant and easy to move.
  4. Insulate! An attached garage can contribute to major heat and energy loss. The simple act of insulating your garage door can help you save on energy costs all year.
  5. Seal and Protect. No matter how clean and organized you make your garage, blowing leaves and pesky rodents can undo all of your hard work. Use a Garage Door Threshold Seal to keep out rain, snow, leaves, and rodents. This garage door seal is floor-mounted, so the weight of the door presses down on it and seals your garage from the elements. Don’t let all your hard work and garage organization go to waste – seal the door!

In just an afternoon, you can transform your garage by installing a few garage storage pieces and following these garage organization tips.
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