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Whether you have a large, walk-in closet or a smaller, compact closet space, there are many things that you can do to create more usable space. Organizing your closet can be overwhelming, but this video will show you how to get your closet under control and looking good using 5 must-have storage items. 

  1. Use Smarter Clothes Hangers. Hangers have three main jobs as closet organizers – make an item stay put, keep its shape, and remain visible until you want to wear it. A few years back, wood hangers became the go-to if you wanted to make your closet look more organized, but they take up so much space that you run out of closet space before you get all of your clothes hung up. Choose hangers that are thin with gentle curves so they take up less space while protecting the shape of your garment. Only use bulky hangers when necessary with your more delicate garments.
  2. Keep Stored Items Visible. Remember the expression, “out of sight, out of mind?” Well, sweaters, blankets and other items that aren’t part of your everyday wardrobe are the same way. If you can’t see them, you’re unlikely to use them. If you pack them in a Canvas Storage Box, you’ll be able to see what’s inside thanks to its see-through vinyl window. These sturdy clothes storage boxes have clean-looking cotton/poly exteriors and removable lids and bottom inserts for added stability. And you can even collapse them and slide them under a bed when you’re not using them.
  3. Protect What’s Precious. We’ve all heard stories about people storing treasures in their sock drawers, right? But squirreling valuables away in random hiding places is inconvenient and can lead to an unintentional loss. That’s why we like this big, bold Fireproof/Waterproof Digital Combination Safe. It’s the ideal way to store important papers, keepsakes, photos, or jewelry. This home safe weighs in at over 75 pounds and has 4 locking door bolts plus concealed hinges that resist prying. The home safe is sealed to be waterproof and can withstand an external temperature of 1700° while maintaining an internal temp of less than 350°. There’s a back-lit digital keypad, and also a key to override in case you forget the passcode. We even include the 4AA batteries it needs. How’s that for peace of mind?
  4. Multitask! You multitask all day so shouldn’t your closet storage do the same? The Over-The-Door Jewelry Cabinet holds up to 60 pairs of earrings, 40 rings, and dozens of necklaces, bracelets, and brooches. And that’s not even what we meant by multitasking—this jewelry storage closet is also a full-length mirror.
  5. Take Things to a New Level. Use your closet space more effectively by making sure every level is working for you. Try our solid pine, 3-Step Folding Stool, which is a furniture-quality piece that makes your closet storage more accessible. This closet stool has a wide platform and locking top step, plus a safety rail for additional security. When you’re not using this handsome wood step stool, just fold it flat so it’s out of sight but close at hand.

These are just a few of the ways we can help you improve your closet storage so you get the most out of your closet.
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