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You may not be a world-famous chef, but you still want a kitchen that’s efficient and organized. Here’s some food for thought: you don’t have to spend big bucks on a complete kitchen renovation to get additional storage space. As shown in our video, a few simple additions and updates to your pantry and cabinets can make your kitchen a much more functional (and less stressful) space.

  1. On a Roll. Hate trying to find a can of tomato sauce or a cooking pan that’s hiding way back in the cabinet? Maybe you’ve even forgotten what you have stored away. Instead of having to pull everything out every time you’re searching for something, add slide-out organizers and roll-out shelves to your cabinets. These sturdy pantry organizers make everything easy to access, come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to install.
  2. A New Spin on Storage. If you find that organizing your corner cabinet is particularly challenging, install a lazy susan. This clever turntable spins easily to keep jars, cans, bottles and more in easy view. A lip around each tier keeps items from falling off, and the center pole is adjustable from 26″ to 33″ high so it should fit most standard cabinets.
  3. Add a Little More Storage Space. Whether your kitchen is on the small side or you just don’t have enough cabinets for everything, there are some easy, cost-effective ways to add a little extra storage space in your kitchen. Think about using wall space…you can add hooks to hang pots or aprons, or shelves to display your cookbooks. Hang a rack over the kitchen or pantry door for quick out-of-the-way storage. Or check out our popular Rolling Pantry Rack that offers oodles of storage in just 10″ of space – that’s probably narrow enough to fit between the refrigerator and wall. It has 6 adjustable shelves, locking casters, a towel bar, and clip-on dividers to keep books or tall boxes in place. (Hint: makes a great organizer for the laundry room, too!)
  4. Rack Up Some Organization. Maximize the space inside cabinets or your refrigerator by adding tiered racks. Slanted can holders are great for keeping beverages at your fingertips in the fridge or pantry, and you can see at a glance when you need to restock. Use a tiered spice rack in a cabinet to keep your most-used spices in easy view. We also have a store more adjustable shelf that’s great for maximizing cabinet space.
  5. Special Storage for Special Items. Be sure not to store your good china or holiday dishes haphazardly; they could get dusty, chipped or worse. Instead, use china/stemware storage cases to protect them. Our collection includes storage cases for all types of china and stemware as well as flatware, and all have windows so you can see what’s inside. And since they’re so sturdy, you can keep the storage cases in the basement or attic, freeing up space in your kitchen for other items.

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